You Shouldn't Order Off Of Jack In The Box's Breakfast Menu. Here's Why

Jack in the Box has earned legions of fans and followers with its tasty burgers served on unique sourdough buns. Its two for $1 tacos are a cult favorite (and Jack in the Box menu item since the 1950s), despite lots of reviews that have pondered how they can be simultaneously gross and delicious. One Twitter user, for example, compared the taco to "meat paste in a grease pocket." The chain's mystique was enhanced in the 1990s when it launched a promotional campaign that went all-in on its bizarre and somewhat unsettling, dead-eyed, smiling clown mascot, Jack Box. (Insert your own terrifying childhood clown experience here.) 

In the company's own words, the 2,200-unit restaurant chain is "the place for those who live outside the box." So for breakfast, shouldn't fans expect something unusual?

Boring breakfasts at Jack in the Box

The truth is, breakfast at Jack in the Box is just...normal, especially for the company that invented fast food breakfast sandwiches in 1969, according to Delish — years before McDonald's took the credit. The chain also scores points for offering all-day breakfast since then, years before McDonald's launched a 2015 move to do so (via McDonald's) — though that might be ending soon. The chain's breakfast menu, however has since stagnated since compared to its competitors. Pancakes, hash browns, combinations of eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, and ham on various breads are fine, but not groundbreaking. Even the breakfast menu's most interesting item, the breakfast burrito with creamy Sriracha sauce should add some energy, but is lackluster in its lack of heat. Sorry, Sriracha fans. 

While Jack in the Box's breakfast menu does the job, there are more interesting ways to wake up, including White Castle's indulgent Belgian waffle slider, Starbucks' Bacon, Gouda and Egg sandwich featuring a a Parmesan frittata, or the pork chop 'n' gravy biscuit from Hardees.