The Real Reason McDonalds Might Get Rid Of Its All-Day Breakfast

McDonald's and its fans have some tough decisions to make. After spending the last few months operating with a pandemic-inspired, streamlined food menu, America's iconic fast food restaurant chain has seen surprising results, including faster service times (25 seconds quicker by drive-thru) and more satisfied customers (via Wall Street Journal). "The limited menu and ease of operations are allowing our teams to focus and provide blazing fast service," Blake Casper, chairman of the National Owners Association said (via Restaurant Business). "Our teams are doing amazing work in our drive-thrus."

As a result, the Wall Street Journal reports that company's senior management is now wondering how many of the withdrawn menu items, including salads, bagels, and yogurt parfaits, should be making a comeback at all. "Our menu strategy really has been focused as a result of COVID and the success we've had with a limited menu," McDonald's U.S. President Joe Erlinger said during a recent call with restaurant owners. 

McDonald's is considering the fate of its All-Day Breakfast menu

The push to streamline the company's bloated list of food offers could also bring an end to McDonald's All-Day Breakfast menu, which it introduced in 2015 to try and get people back into the restaurant. When McDonald's began to push for speedier service, some franchisees were allowed to cut items from the all-day menu which included morning classics including the Egg McMuffin, the Sausage McMuffin, sausage biscuits, hotcakes, and hash browns (via McDonalds). The All-Day Breakfast menu was dropped altogether when the pandemic hit, which is about the time when restaurants had begun to notice positive changes to the quality and speed of their service.

In a survey, McDonald's franchisees say they voted overwhelmingly against the return of the All-Day Breakfast, and it's not likely to make a comeback in July, which is when the Wall Street Journal said McDonald's would be bringing back two versions of their famous Quarter Pounder, the Bacon McDouble sandwich, and three desserts. 

But just because its return isn't on the horizon doesn't mean the All-Day Breakfast menu won't be making a comeback at all. In the end, it could come down to what it is that McDonald's and its fans prefer to see — the return of items like the All-Day Breakfast menu, or better service overall.