Pringles' New Rick And Morty Flavors Have The Internet Buzzing

You wouldn't think the cynical, dimension-hopping genius Rick Sanchez and his reluctant sidekick-grandson Morty would be great pitchmen. It turns out the animated stars of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty are so good at selling things, they got McDonald's to reintroduce Szechuan dipping sauce for Chicken McNuggets simply by referring to it in an episode (via The Atlantic).

No wonder, then, that the daring duo of the sci-fi adventure/sitcom made an appearance during the biggest marketing event of the year: the Super Bowl. In the 30-second spot that aired during 2020's big game, Rick is sitting on a couch with Morty's older sister Summer, watching an ad for Pringles on TV. Morty bursts in suggesting they stack different Pringles flavors together to create a new flavor. That's when Rick realizes they are trapped inside a Pringles commercial, and Morty is really a robot — or dozens of Pringles-shilling robots, actually. All very Rick and Morty.

New Rick and Morty flavors are honey mustard and cheddar & sour cream

The Super Bowl ad helped launch a new Pringles flavor called Pickle Rick. (Don't ask. Just watch season 3, episode 3.) The Rick and Morty-inspired flavor was a huge success — "literally out of this world," as a marketing director for Pringles put it (via Fox News). So naturally, Pringles is releasing two new flavors on the bizarre Rick and Morty spectrum: Honey Mustard Morty and Look at Me! I'm Cheddar & Sour Cream. The flavors are coming out this month and will be available for a limited time, only at Walmart. As Robot Morty suggested in the Super Bowl ad, you can now stack all three flavors inspired by the Adult Swim show and see what happens.

The flavors aren't available yet, so the jury is still out on social media. Twitter user @PredatorJohnny said he understood Pickle Rick, but a Morty flavor? "and existence is pain (they gonna make a super spicy pringle?)" he wrote. Another Twitter user, @RiseFallNick, commented that the new flavors meant bad news for Rick and Morty: "So they never were able to escape the Superbowl Pringles ad I guess."