Oreo's Holiday Cookies Have An Unexpected Twist

Oreo fans have had a lot be excited for this year. While purists may insist there is nothing better than the double-stuffed variety, the cookie brand has been giving customers quite a few new products to try in 2020. Earlier, Oreo came out with a new Java chip flavor that customers went crazy for, and then partnered with Sam's Club to bring back a delicious seasonal favorite, Cookie Pop Halloween Oreo Popcorn. Recently, a new and improved version of one very festive Oreo flavor has been spotted. While it may seem a bit early to be hearing jingle bells, the cookie company is keeping up with the retail stores that carry them and looking ahead in preparation for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Delish states that Gingerbread Oreos were first introduced in 2012, and it appears quite a bit about the seasonal cookie has changed. While the original Gingerbread Oreos came in a bright yellow container (via Junk Food Guy) very different from the illustrative blue one the 2020 version are sold in, more has been updated than just the packaging. The first version of the Gingerbread Oreo flavor was incredibly sweet, according to Cooking Channel, and focused mainly on the spices used to make gingerbread cookies. With this new Gingerbread Oreo variation, both the flavor and texture have been changed.

What you need to know about the new Gingerbread Oreos

Cooking Channel states that 2012's Gingerbread Oreos were golden vanilla flavored cookies stuffed with a gingerbread flavored creme filling. The new version, according to Delish, have been updated so that the wafer cookies themselves are gingerbread flavored — so you should now be able to get all of the warm and cozy gingerbread spices you're craving from the cookies instead of from the sweet filling. Speaking of the creme, there's also an exciting change to the Oreo filling in this new version. Though the creme seems to no longer be flavored, the new Gingerbread Oreos are filled with an original Oreo creme that's studded with tiny, crunchy sugar crystals. To top it all off, the the packaging says these updated cookies will come in five "festive designs". These designs are molded onto the sides of each cookie, and appear to include a cute little gingerbread man with a bow tie, a gingerbread house, a Christmas tree, and a few holiday phrases.

These holiday themed Gingerbread Oreos will probably go fast, and they're limited edition, so once they're gone you probably won't see them again for a while. The new Oreos have apparently been spotted at Walgreens, according to Instagram snack account @dncsnacksterz, but Taste of Home recommends keeping your eyes open for the holiday flavor at other retailers as well.