Never Order The Cold Brew Mocha Freeze At Costco. Here's Why

There's something deviously tempting about the Costco food court, probably because it offers so many delicious comfort foods for such low prices. Of course, that doesn't mean every item on their menu is worth the money. One drink we feel you can definitely skip is the Cold Brew Mocha Freeze. Although it sounds like a decadent frappuccino, according to The Kitchn this drink is more like a cold brew slushie. The outlet says it's made from Kirkland Signature Colombian beans and a generous amount of their "premium" chocolate syrup, but for such a minimal ingredient list, this drink sure packs in the sugar.

Just one Cold Brew Mocha Freeze contains 390 calories and 71 grams of sugar (via Eat This, Not That). This is the equivalent of 18 sugar cubes, i.e. twice the recommended daily sugar intake for men and nearly three times that for women, according to the American Heart Association. It's not just the spike in blood sugar you have to contend with; the Costco's Cold Brew Mocha Freeze also includes 78 grams of carbohydrates, which is more than the average adult needs in a meal. For all that indulgence, you would expect the drink to at least taste good.

What Costco fans really think of the cold brew mocha freeze

When the Cold Brew Mocha Freeze first started popping up in Costco food courts, fans of the brand began sharing their thoughts about it on social media, with some seeing it as the spiritual successor to previous beloved blended coffee drinks made by the wholesale company. The most obvious difference between the new iteration and the previous Mocha Freeze is the price of the drink; at $2.99 it's about twice the cost of the of the original, non-cold brew version. Unfortunately, the price increase only soured the most important difference between the old Mocha Freeze and the new Cold Brew Mocha Freeze — the taste.

Almost all of the comments about the Cold Brew Mocha Freeze we read have been negative, with one critic of the drink taking to Reddit and writing: "I tried the mocha freeze today it's awful!! It was overly sweet and tasted like ice blended with some coffee and corn syrup. Not milky at all. I want my latte freeze back!" Another user added: "the cold brew mocha tastes too acidic and overwhelming coffee flavor for me". If you're still tempted by the sound of Costco premium chocolate syrup, but understandably disillusioned by these negative reviews of the Cold Brew Mocha Freeze, it might be more worthwhile to ask for a drizzle of the chocolate sauce on your Costco soft serve frozen yogurt, just keep in mind that some employees might refuse this special request.