This Is The Best Pizza Place In California

Over the years, pizza has become a staple in our diet and an icon of American culture, can the Italians even claim it any more? (They would likely argue yes.) The Washington Post states that we here in the United States eat a collective 100 acres of pizza each day, which works out to about 46 slices per person every year. And of course, we've taken the simple formula of dough-tomato-cheese and modified it 1,000 different ways. From bizarre toppings to cauliflower crusts, the perfectly thin New York slice to an over the top $500 lobster and caviar topped pie sprinkled with edible platinum flakes (via Time), Americans have really done it all when it comes to the simple Italian food.

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of opinions about what makes the best pizza: Thin crust or Chicago style? Sausage or pepperoni? There are regional differences in pizza preference too, and when it comes to the state of California great pizza joints are everywhere and competition for best pie is fierce. In fact, Encyclopedia Britannica says California is even home to its own genre of pizza, which emerged in the 1980s thanks to chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Alice Waters. California-style pizza is characterized by a thin crust and nontraditional toppings such as artichokes, chicken, peanut sauce, and goat cheese.

Pitfire is a true California pizza favorite

Initially dreamed up in 1998 according to Pizza Today, the Pitfire Artisan Pizza website states the company now has seven locations throughout California. Eater asserts that the self-proclaimed "indie-chain" (via Food GPS) helped kickstart the wood-fired fast casual pizza trend in Los Angeles, becoming a favorite across Southern California. In addition to creating "pillowy soft and chewy" crusts, recent Yelp reviewers heap praise on the company, writing things like "Aaaugh... this pizza is freakin' fantabulous!" and "It's like a little slice of heaven on your plate." According to Food GPS, one thing helping to put Pitfire at the top of its class when it comes to California pizza is the attention to small details, right down to the choice of woods that fuel their ovens: 50 percent red oak and whatever fruitwoods are available.

The Pitfire Pizza menu states you can "be an artist" and create your own pizza by selecting your toppings, or choose from a variety of inventive pies. Both traditional flavors and California-style specialty pizza toppings are offered, including the Honey Bear pizza with toppings like ricotta, sausage, and honey; a Burrata pizza with pesto, hazelnuts, arugula, and caramelized onions; a Field Mushroom pizza with two different types of mushrooms, fontina cheese, and thyme; and even a vegan option with tomato, basil, and vegan "mozzarella" cheese that is actually made out of cashews. Pitfire Artisan Pizza takes an ingredient-focused, wood-fired approach to the California pizza tradition of getting creative with their toppings, making us feel they're selling the best pizza in the golden state.