Costco's Newest Advent Calendar Has Humans Jealous

If you're a dog owner who's always looking for a new way to pamper your pet, there's good news for you (and your four-legged friend) at Costco this year. It's no secret that you can get all sorts of unique, non-chocolate advent calendars, which can include 24 days of just about anything, from jam to Marvel toys to booze (via Good Housekeeping). However, She Knows states there is finally a special holiday calendar just for your dogs to enjoy in the lead-up to Christmas. Here's everything you need to know:

According to Instagram fan account and supermarket sleuth @costcoguy4u, Costco's advent calendar for dogs will run you a kind of steep $39.99, but promises much more than just one treat per day like most advent calendars you might be familiar with. In fact, this holiday calendar contains 125 treats and six toys spaced out over the 24 days leading up to Christmas! That's way more than the single measly piece of waxy chocolate we remember. Plus, they're treats you can feel good about giving to your pup, since they're free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, with no added sugar, grains, or soy, but packed with protein. She Knows lists the toys included as a ring chew, a ball with rope, a treat ball, a seasonally-appropriate stuffed penguin, a ball chew, and a rope bone, all sure to make your fluffy friend's day.

What people are saying about the new Costco dog advent calendar

Instagram account @costcodeals also reported one of their followers spotted the doggy advent calendar in their local Costco store, and the response from fans to the two Instagram posts has been resoundingly positive. Most comments are people tagging friends who they think should see the post, with added remarks like "Kopper needs this" or "tell mom!!", and so many are calling this seasonal gift a must have for their pups. We're sure this is going to be a popular product – after all, with around 89.7 million dogs in the United States as of 2017, don't we all know someone who would buy this advent calendar in a second (via Statista)?

If you're planning on picking up a calendar for the dog in your life, keep your eyes open at your local Costco store, since it isn't yet available on Costco's website (though that might change as the holiday grows closer). If your dog ends up really loving the treats and can't wait for next December to have some more, you can order them directly from the Irish Dog Foods' website.