Here's What People Are Saying About Aldi's Macaroni And Cheese Deli Pizza

Aldi is known for supplying customers with great deals and extra sweet finds. Aldi shoppers can find almost anything at their local store at a much lower price than some of their competitors. The internet is littered with articles detailing the most popular products, great dupes of popular products that you can find, and even unusual finds that are definitely worth your time and money. 

One Aldi product that is getting a lot of attention on Instagram as of late is Mama Cozzi's Macaroni and Cheese Deli Pizza. What makes this pizza so special that Aldi super fans are recommending it to everyone and anyone who will listen? It's affordable, delicious, and a fairly quick bake. Delish reports that the pizza is loaded with cheddar cheese, macaroni, and a great blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, on top of a crunchy thin crust. The site also recommends adding bacon, hot sauce, or jalapenos for a spicy kick.

The vote's are in...

So what are folks saying about Aldi's Mama Cozzi's Macaroni and Cheese Deli Pizza? Reddit user Bachfan456 claims that Mama Cozzi's Macaroni and Cheese Deli Pizza is the best thing they have ever purchased at Aldi because it "is to die for." Some Aldi super fans have called it "delicious" and said that "it is worth trying once" (via Instagram). Another Instagram user and advised, "Run dont walk to get that! So good but you feel so weighed down after." A different super fan wondered if the pizza was bland, and the responses suggested it was anything but. 

Another thing that some Aldi die-hards love about the pizza? Its price point. A 12-inch pie sets you back about $5. The pizza also doesn't take too long to cook, taking around 13 minutes, making it a great family meal when you've had a long day or the kids have been a little rowdy. Despite its hearty toppings, a serving size of 1/4 of a pizza is only 340 calories. All in all, if you're looking for a cheesy and creamy meal, Mama Cozzi's Macaroni and Cheese Deli Pizza might be the bite for you.