You've Been Seasoning Steak Wrong This Whole Time

If you're a steak lover or have to prepare this coveted piece of meat for someone who loves it, you probably know that getting the seasoning just right can be pretty tricky. In fact, during your steak cooking journey, you've probably over-seasoned your steak, under-seasoned your steak, and even gotten it just right a few times on your quest for tasty perfection. We know seasoning this favored cut of beef is really important to help bring out its flavor. According to the Thrillist, you can even make a subpar piece of meat taste good if you have all the right seasoning moves and skills. But chances are, you are like the majority of us who are challenged when it comes to this culinary skill and have been seasoning  your steak all wrong. But never fear, the internet has all the answers for this cooking crisis.

According to Bon Appetit, having a strong seasoning game can make the difference between a savory, mouth-watering piece of steak or a bland, forgettable dining experience. And the Bon Appetit expert cautions that you cannot be shy when it comes to seasoning your steak. He actually says you need to be "aggressive." So, time to break out the pom-poms, channel your inner Bring it On cheering skills, and find out how to season your steaks properly.

Salt is the key to seasoning your steak, so be generous with it

Taste of Home notes that you can't really season the inside of the steak, so concentrating on the exterior and creating a crust that is savory and rich in flavor is why seasoning is so important. This is where your salting skills can pay off. Bon Appetit states that you can't be conservative when you are sprinkling salt onto your steak and recommends using kosher salt to accomplish your seasoning task. Why is kosher salt key to this process? Because of its coarse nature, kosher salt is perfect for the steak's outer flesh to absorb it. And you are going to want to roll your steak in this salty goodness — almost like wrapping it up in a white blanket of sodium. And don't forget to sprinkle on some pepper before you throw it on to the grill to get that perfect sear that screams juicy steak.

But the salting doesn't end there. Health enthusiasts are going to want to close their eyes and look away because after you let the steak rest, you want to slice it up and sprinkle some salt onto the pinkish-reddish meat so the inside of the steak is as flavorful as the outside. And that's it. Master the salt and your skills will be complete.