These Chick-Fil-A Dessert Hacks Are Total Game-Changers

Chick-fil-A is an awesome place to have breakfast, since chicken on a biscuit (or a cute lil' mini bun!) is a great way to start your day. Chick-fil-A is also a favorite lunch and dinner destination, since you can never have too much "chikin." (Or waffle fries!)

If you're a sugar addict who thinks no meal is complete without dessert, well, you probably already know that most fast food restaurants tend disappoint unless dessert just happens to be their specialty (like a certain Dunkin' that divested itself of the last name "Donuts", but will forever be associated with that circular treat in our hearts). Sure, Chick-fil-A's got some pretty decent shakes – the peach one, in particular, appears to have quite the fanbase. Oh, and of course there's their IceDream cone, which is your basic vanilla soft serve. The fast food chain also offers a small selection of baked goods, such as the cookie and brownie featured on their online Treats menu. If you want to expand your options, however, you can always take the secret menu approach to hacking your perfect Chick-fil-A dessert.

How to DIY your Chick-fil-A dessert

Many Chick-fil-A do-it-yourself desserts start with a milkshake and then add something extra. Spoon University suggests asking the counter-person to crumble one of their cookies into your shake, but you could always just do that yourself if you don't want to be a bother. A brownie would work for this DIY shake as well. If you should happen to luck into the elusive Chick-fil-A blueberry cheesecake, that could make for a super-decadent milkshake mix-in. If you try it with the peach shake, you can make a fruity mashup that might let you at least pretend you're doing something a tiny bit healthy while consuming about a zillion calories' worth of sugar.

If you don't feel like a shake, Chick-fil-A themselves suggest making an ice cream sandwich using two of the fried chicken chain's cookies plus a cup of Icedream. (Might we suggest trying this with brownies as well?) The versatile Icedream can also elevate your soda into a float. While Mic recommends traditional root beer, why not try Coke, Dr. Pepper, or even iced coffee? Or hack your hot coffee with Icedream and you've got yourself a Chick-fil-A affogato — ooh, fancy! So there you go, a bunch of new ideas for yummy off menu treats from Chick-fil-A. Now the biggest problem you'll have is managing to leave enough room for dessert.