Popcorn Hacks You Didn't Realize You Were Missing Out On

Popcorn might be something of a staple snack for a lot of people. It's light and can be a low-calorie food depending on the kind you buy, according to the American Heart Association. While there are likely plenty of flavored popcorn bags on the shelves of your local grocery store ranging from cheddar to butter to kettle, there are some major popcorn flavor upgrades you can do at home. With a few tips and tricks, you can hack your regular old popcorn to taste like a lot more than butter.

Some of the best popcorn flavor hacks out there are for other savory flavors you know and love, some of which are inspired by your favorite foods. The first flavor hack to try is pizza popcorn. Delish says all you have to do is drop in some grated Parmesan cheese and chopped pepperoni along with a dash of red pepper flakes, a little melted butter, garlic powder, and oregano. You can make taco popcorn by adding in crushed Doritos, chopped cilantro, and a little lime juice, plus some melted butter to help it all stick. Finally, if you're obsessed with Everything Bagel seasoning, be sure to try it on popcorn! Make it yourself or use the TJ's version (again, with a little melted butter). You can't go wrong by adding your favorite condiments or herbs into your popcorn either. Think along the lines of hot sauce, spices, or herbs like rosemary (via Bustle).

Make your popcorn sweet for a change

If you really want to shake things up with a sweet take on the snack, you can turn your regular popcorn into a kettle corn inspired treat by adding both salt and sugar to the mix, according to Bustle. You can also always drizzle your popcorn with different kinds of melted chocolate of course, or sprinkle in your favorite candy like M&M's or Reese's Pieces. You can try making popcorn balls with marshmallow cream (aka fluff) too.

Transform your popcorn into an over the top sweet treat by trying a flavor like birthday cake or cinnamon bun. Delish states to make birthday cake popcorn, you'll need to melt white chocolate with vegetable oil and then stir in some boxed cake mix. Coat the popcorn in the mixture and add rainbow sprinkles, then chill or serve right away. Cinnamon bun popcorn can be made by coating buttered popcorn with cinnamon sugar and melted butter. You can even add a sweet glaze once it's coated in the sugar and spice mix, according to the outlet. Whatever flavors call your name, chances are there's a way to add it to popcorn — so get creative and have fun with your snack hacks.