Here's How UK Subways And American Subways Differ

You might assume that fast food chains like Subway are exactly the same all across the world, but that's not always the case. Usually, if you walk into a Subway restaurant in the UK compared one in America, you'd recognize it as the same sandwich shop; but if you're paying attention, you'll also notice some subtle differences between the two. According to Savanta, there are over 24,000 Subway stores in the U.S. compared to around 2,400 in the UK, but that doesn't mean that the love for Subway is any weaker across the pond — there are almost twice as many Subway locations in the UK as there are McDonald's, so it's safe to say it's still a popular choice for Brits.

According to Insider, one of the main differences you'll notice between U.S. and UK Subway are their sizes. While you can order the famous footlong in both countries, the UK actually has one more option for sandwiches. In the U.S., you're limited to a 6-inch, footlong, or party platter, while the UK offers all three, plus toasted bites. According to ChronicleLive, toasted bites are 3-inch square ciabatta rolls with four filling options, and were introduced at the beginning of 2020. Drink sizes are also a little different. Insider found that UK Subway only offers two drink sizes: small (about 13 ounces) and large. In the U.S., you have three different options: A small 20-ounce, medium 30-ounce, or large 40-ounce drink (yes, that's a little over three cans of soda in one cup).

Different menu items are offered at UK Subway and American Subway

Another minor difference you'll find between the two Subways is what's actually on the menu. Obviously, the UK has an extra sandwich option, but according to Insider, it also has a few exclusive sides, including garlic cheesy bread, nachos, and a cup of meatballs. In the U.S., the only exclusive side you'll find on the menu at some locations is applesauce.

As you're customizing your sub, you'll also find different ingredients depending on where in the world your Subway is located. Insider reports that UK Subways have some ingredients that aren't available in the U.S., including HP brown sauce (a traditional British condiment), chicken tikka, hash browns, sweet corn, and vegan garlic aioli. American locations also have some special customization options that aren't available across the Atlantic, such as Swiss, provolone, and pepper jack cheeses, avocado, and banana peppers. Typically, U.S. Subways also have a lot more sauce options than their UK counterparts, including yellow mustard, balsamic sub sauce, creamy sriracha, herb and garlic oil, and ranch.

So, depending on what your go-to order is, you might not necessarily find it at Subway stores outside your country. If you're an avocado-lover, for example, it looks like you'll be out of luck at a British Subway. However, the UK has a few options we'd love to see make their way stateside (who wouldn't want a cup of meatballs as a side?). Still, no matter what country you're in, you can always count on finding a footlong.