Arby's Just Released A Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow That's Already Sold Out

Turkey day is quickly approaching, and Arby's is celebrating in an unusual way this year. The fast food chain just launched a new deep-fried turkey sandwich. To commemorate the event, Arby's also released a limited-edition deep fried turkey pillow that's actually more than just a pillow. While it doesn't smell like fried turkey, like KFC's Crocs smelled like fried chicken, it does look just like a whole fried turkey that fits onto your head (via Chow Hound).

The whole, deep-fried turkey pillow was first posted to Arby's Instagram account on Sunday, November 8. People went so crazy for the new merchandise that the pillow sold out within two hours of the post publishing. One person even commented to say they'd stop being a vegetarian for the turkey pillow. 

If you're not already bummed out about missing this one-time opportunity to wear a turkey on your head, it gets harder: This isn't just a pillow to lay your head on. It is a full-sized turkey with drumsticks and wings attached to the outside that slides down over your head so that most of it would be inside the bird pillow. It covers the top of the head and fits down to the nose and covers the ears. Really, this is an elaborate sleeping mask that would honestly be perfect for long-haul flights (via Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow).

Here's what you need to know about this extravagant Arby's sleep mask

The original Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow is described as "part stylish sleep mask, part cloud, and all your new favorite pillow," on its namesake website. The out-of-stock item even has instructions in its description, "Here's how it works: Eat too much deep fried turkey from Arby's, put on your pillow, and fall asleep anywhere!" There's also a fake review from "an aunt" that says, "Like sleeping inside a cozy turkey."

Even with a $59.95 price tag, the turkey pillow sold out almost immediately. But even those who were lucky enough to order it won't have it in time for the big day, Thanksgiving. The pillows will not ship until after November 26.

If you still feel you must have one of these pillows, you can enter a contest to win one. Just visit the Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow website to fill out the contest entry form. You can also get a 50-percent-off coupon for any turkey sandwich or wrap at Arby's from the website, too. So no one should go home empty-handed, even if their heads are exposed to the cruel world of turkey-less sleeping masks.