Aldi Fans Are Psyched For The Return Of This Seasonal Iced Coffee

Discount grocery chain Aldi is a total gamechanger in the industry. According to Cheapism, the brand has managed to catch the attention of customers by offering a unique shopping experience with incentives such as major savings on everyday products coupled with a streamlined shopping setup. Aldi is also known for its quality, which makes sense because most of the products that you see in their stores have been manufactured by some of the biggest producers in the country (though you might not know it, as most items are also packaged and sold under Aldi exclusive labels). Plus, Aldi goes the extra mile for its customers by sourcing products that they may not find easily elsewhere, such as smoked salmon, fancy cheeses, and European chocolates.

The company also produces a ton of seasonal offerings, much to the delight of its fans. The product Aldi customers are currently raving about? Their seasonal iced latte flavors, first spotted this year by Instagram Aldi fan account @aldi.mademedoit. This is what to expect from the returning drinks.

There are two seasonal flavors of Aldi's iced lattes

The Barissimo Seasonal Blend Iced Lattes are back at Aldi, and they are generating a lot of excitement among fans who are raving online about the special flavors. Some of the options you can choose from include Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, Mocha, Vanilla, and Coffee, with the first two being seasonal ones. Reddit user kaeorin expressed their thoughts on the iced coffee flavors back in 2018, "Every once in a while, I'll buy a couple of those little glass jars of iced coffee. I like the Coffee Latte flavor best, but the Mocha and Vanilla are fine too. I don't usually drink my coffee so sweet, but they're a nice treat every once in a while." 

They added the post didn't particularly have a point, but just that they simply adore Aldi. Another Reddit commenter, user flintandroses, was inspired to try out the drinks, and said that they found Pumpkin Spice seasonal flavor "delicious!" Redditor BubbleDude93 agreed, writing "I really enjoyed the pumpkin spice one." Over on @aldi.mademedoit's Instagram post, fans observed that the Pumpkin Spice Iced Latte flavor tastes surprisingly close to real pumpkin pie, while user @keeii_07 praised the French Vanilla. All in all, the odds are strong you'll enjoy these seasonal blends and the classic Barissimo Iced Latte flavors as well!