What People Are Saying About Reese's Returning Holiday Shape

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If you like peanut butter and chocolate, then you're more than familiar with Reese's chocolates and their divine offerings. The morsels of salty sweetness were first concocted by Harry Burnett Reese in 1928, and have since become a staple of sugar fixes worldwide (via Mental Floss).

Reese's Peanut Butter cups are now in a league of their own with plenty of diehard fans. For example, a 2019 report by USA Today pointed out that Reese's chocolates are the most popular candy during Halloween. The peanut butter delights are so invested in crowd-pleasing, in fact, that in 2018, after a customer found that his candy didn't have peanut butter inside and reached out to the company, Reese's made it up to him by sending him a special note and lots of free peanut butter candy, as per Insider

This time of year, the all-important Reese's is known for ushering in the holiday season with festive shapes from the peanut butter Tree, to Nutcrackers, and what the company calls holiday "Mystery Shapes." This year, a beloved Reese's holiday shape, Holiday Lights, is returning — and it's causing quite the stir.

Reese's Holiday Lights are great for the festive season

An Instagram user from Los Angeles, California, @junkfoodonthego found the coveted Reese's Holiday Lights at a store and posted about their discovery. The photo was greeted with enthusiasm, but eagle-eyed commenters noticed something familiar about the Holiday Lights shape. Holiday Lights looks quite similar to Reese's Eggs, which the company brings out for Easter each year. One user wrote, "Smart move to use leftover egg shapes." Another fan wrote that they have candy shaped like Christmas Trees in the U.K., and the current Holiday lights remind them of Easter. Another fan laughed, "Lol cant ignore the egg pattern on it."

As per Delish, this isn't the first time we've been treated to Reese's Holiday Lights. These chocolates are usually shaped like Christmas bulbs and are really perfect for the holidays. They are currently available at Albertsons and you can snap up a box on Amazon. A fan wrote on Amazon about their love for their holiday chocolates, saying that they basically have a new favorite. They commented, "Holy smokes! These things are better than even any Reese's [chocolates] out there....and who would have thought that?"

Reese's, for its part, describes the candy as chocolate-filled wonders that are designed to look like your holiday lights. A description on the official site reads, "They're the same delicious snack, shaped like the lights you love looking at ... but don't exactly love untangling." Are you in or are you in?