These Aldi Chocolates Are The Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers

The only thing that can make kicking back with a glass of wine better after a long day is the taste of chocolate that pairs perfectly with it. There's something so indulgent about the two items that just seems to melt away any residual stress. Regardless of whether you prefer red wines or white, there's a chocolate out there sure to go really well with your glass — and Aldi just made the job of selecting that chocolate a lot easier.

Recently, Instagram user @youraldibff spotted two chocolate sets that are geared specifically toward pairing with white or red wines. The two separate boxes (one for white wines and one for reds) really are the perfect gift for wine and chocolate lovers — especially if you pick up a bottle or two of Aldi's best wines to go with it. In fact, you might find you like the idea so much that you have to pick up an extra box or two in order to try the grocery chain's pairings for yourself.

There's a chocolate pairing package for both white and red wines

For those of you who have not tried eating chocolate while you sip your favorite wine, then there are a few things you might want to know. First of all, The Spruce Eats states that you should always make sure your wine and chocolate are balanced, saying that you should pair light-bodied wines with lighter, elegant chocolates and full-bodied wines with bold confections. If you're opting to try multiple parings, they also recommend beginning with the light and gradually moving to the fuller, darker stuff. This will prevent your palate from becoming overwhelmed, which can cause you to miss some of the more subtle notes in the lighter wines and chocolates. There's also the general guideline that white and milk chocolates pair better with white wine, just as darker chocolate goes better with reds (via Aisle of Shame).

Fortunately, you don't really have to worry about most of this, as Aldi has already selected the best kinds of chocolate to pair with your red or white wines and placed them into a clearly labeled box. All you have to do it choose the wine to go with it. The best part of all might be that these boxes of chocolates are priced at only $4.99, making them a complete steal. According to Aisle of Shame, similar versions of these chocolate pairing sets sold by Williams-Sonoma cost between $25 and $40 — so be sure to stock up on Aldi's $5 chocolate boxes while you can.