The Pioneer Woman's Latest Product Has Nothing To Do With Food

The Pioneer Woman fans rejoice! Ree Drummond understands how much you adore seeing her floral designs peppered throughout your kitchen, and has for that reason helped develop a product that will allow you to spread those cheerful patterns throughout your entire home — wallpaper! Recently launched at Walmart, The Pioneer Woman Wallpaper is not only beautiful, but also super simple to use. The peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper can be placed on any smooth surface, and easily removed without damaging the underlying paint (via House Beautiful).

There are eight patterns included in The Pioneer Woman Wallpaper collection, including Blooming Bouquet, Betsy, Charming Check, Gorgeous Garden, Vintage Floral, Fiona Floral, Washy Trellis, and Sweet Floral. You might even already recognize some of the patterns from some of your favorite Pioneer Woman products. Each roll of wallpaper measures 18" X 18.86' and costs $35 (via Walmart). According to Hip2Save, the wallpaper patterns have been selling out fast at local Walmart stores. So, when you do manage to get your hands on some wallpaper, what can you do with it?

Creative uses for The Pioneer Woman Wallpaper

If you're already imagining every wall of your house decked out in Pioneer Woman floral wallpaper patterns, you don't have to stop there. According to House Beautiful, since the wallpaper is peel and stick (and so easy to remove), it can go literally anywhere. You can give your refrigerator a makeover, or wallpaper your office desk. Spruce up the back of open shelving or create wall art. Any project — big or small — can be made more beautiful with these pretty floral wallpapers.

Peel and stick wallpaper, like the new Pioneer Woman wallpaper, is also perfect for renters or anyone who hates mess. Handyman Tips says peel and stick wallpaper is great because it is put up without traditional wallpaper's paste and allows you to keep up with design trends or the season. Simply choose a smooth, clean wall, lay your wallpaper out so that the patterns line up, peel, and stick. Your walls (and other surfaces) will be turning heads in no time.