People Can't Stop Talking About This TikTok Steak 'Hack'

You can cook steak on the grill. You can fry it in a pan or broil it in the oven. You can even make some terrific steak through sous vide or and air fryer.

However, despite a video on TikTok from a self-proclaimed "master chef" that has gotten 4.2 million views, you cannot cook steak in a toaster. User Juliette, username @itsmeju1iette, has disturbed the culinary order with her viral steak-cooking hack. Earlier this month, Juliette demonstrated on TikTok how to cook steak in a toaster. It comes out looking like it had been cooked to perfection, but there's no way a toaster got those results. In fact, as one of the many people who posted their own response TikToks put it, there's no way you wouldn't flood the bottom of the toaster with grease and destroy it.

If you aren't sure whether Juliette's steak post was genuine or not, browse some of her other videos. Her TikTok captioned "dorm style burger" does look real enough. She made a cheeseburger on the business end of a clothes iron and made what might have been a permanent mess out of the iron. She also demonstrates on TikTok how to make a complete spaghetti-and-meatball meal by putting raw meatballs and raw spaghetti into a Mr. Coffee carafe, then pouring tomato sauce into the part of the machine where the water goes. It even came with a side of steamed broccoli that had been placed in the filter holder.

The toaster steak hack is not a serious contribution to cooking TikTok

Still think TikToker Juliette might be serious? Then watch her TikTok revealing her grandma's secret recipe for gourmet water. It's an absurdist masterpiece: She grabs ice out of a bag and puts it into a pot on the stove, heats to melting, then pours the steaming water over ice.

Bravo to the creator, who is clearly not a pro cook, but rather a performance art TikTok member who is not nearly appreciated enough by her followers. AkafiAli's two-word comment under the video spoke for a lot of other commenters as well: "OMG unacceptable." While several commenters hoped Gordon Ramsay would chime in with a withering retort, commenter Silas K. spoke on Ramsay's behalf: "NO YOU DOUGHNUT!!"

Yet another commenter breezed right over the toaster portion of the video and fixated on the part where Juliette drowns her beautifully cooked steaks in sauce. "There is no reason to put that much sauce on that steak dang," William Ingram commented.

What kind of culinary college prank is next for Juliette? Holiday cookies out of the toaster? Engine-block grilled cheese? Maybe we shouldn't give her any ideas.