Fruit By The Foot Just Got A Festive New Look

As a kid, when you opened up your lunchbox at school and pulled out a Fruit by the Foot, your day got that much better. The momentum of this popular snack hasn't stopped, and according to Statista over 4.6 million Americans indulged in at least one of these sweet treats in the past 30 days alone. If you haven't experienced this product since grade school, it's high time to give your taste buds a trip down memory lane and remember why these stretchy fruit rolls are considered an optimal packaged lunchtime dessert; and if you really needed an excuse to try this treat again, Fruit by the Foot just gave us a seasonal reason to revisit the classic sweet.

According to Delish, Fruit by the Foot has launched a festive product that really leans in to the holiday spirit. The new snack comes in a "Merry Berry" flavor that is described as tasting like fruit punch, all while sporting bright green and red stripes. According to The Daily Meal, your typical Fruit by the Foot runs about 3 feet per roll, but the new Merry Berry flavor comes in at a much smaller length, perfect for anyone looking for a slightly healthier snack, an edible stocking stuffer, or just saving room for dinner (via Delish).

Where you can find the new holiday Fruit by the Foot

If you've got a hankering for this seasonal fruity candy product, take heart knowing that you can likely pick up a package of the snack at many grocery stores near you. Walmart has also begun stocking them in their online shop, with Aldi listing the product on their website as well. With such a crowd-pleasing flavor, we hope to see them pop up at more and more grocery chains in the coming weeks.

Whether you need a tasty stocking stuffer or just want to spread the feeling of the holidays around, we think this treat is sure to brighten anyone's day and bring a bit of festive cheer to any lunchbox. According to Instagram user @junkfoodonthego, each box comes with a total of four rolls, meaning you might want to purchase a few of these boxes and stock up to get you through the winter. After the holidays come to a close, who knows if we will continue to see these red and green candies on store shelves. Grab them while you can for a fun holiday treat and to keep the festive cheer rolling well throughout the new year.