Costco Fans Can't Wait To Try These Spicy Ginger Cookies

Some Costco stores are now offering a seasonal treat that's sure to leave a strong holiday impression on your taste buds. Costco locations in the northeast U.S. have triple ginger Moravian cookie thins by Dewey's Bakery. This comes to us via an Instagram post from the deal-finding website Costcodeals.

Costcodeals is not affiliated with Costco, so we must take them for their word when they say the 28-ounce box pictured on Instagram is at the warehouse grocery chain for $8.99. This is Costco we're talking about, so you won't be surprised when we tell you that's a really low price. A nine-ounce box of triple ginger cookies is available for purchase on Dewey's website for $6.49. Ounce for ounce, the Costco price is less than half the price listed on the bakery's website.

How gingery are the triple ginger cookie thins? Dewey's website says the cookies have pureed ginger, candied ginger, and ground ginger, which explains the "triple." Costcodeals on Instagram described the cookies as "incredibly flavorful," while also mentioning that the cookies are made with no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors.

YouTube food reviewer Tami Dunn and her husband Kevin tried Dewey's ginger cookies — not the triple ginger — and found that even these milder cookies filled their mouths with a ginger burn even after finishing the cookie. Tami Dunn was impressed that nine of the regular ginger cookies added up to only 100 calories.

Moravian cookies are a traditional recipe that's hard to make at home

Dewey's Bakery makes triple ginger Moravian cookies at its facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company doesn't make Moravian-style cookies in that town by accident, either. The Moravians are a Christian sect that settled in North Carolina, in a town they named Salem, in 1753 (via Our State). The sect's cookies are a tradition that's hard to pass down from one generation to the next. Virginia Hege Tobiassen, the pastor of Home Moravian Church in Old Salem, told Our State she was the only granddaughter out of four in her family who could learn how to properly bake the paper-thin cookies. She wrote in her diary about the cookie lessons she received as a teenager, from her grandmother: "Cutting the cookies and arranging them on the tray is something like cutting and arranging bits of wet Kleenex. The dough, when rolled to the proper nothingness, practically dissolves onto one's skin."

Even most Moravians buy their traditional cookies at the store, instead of making the thin treats themselves. But any Moravians in their native North Carolina will need to head north to find a Costco with triple ginger cookies. Costcodeals only said that Costco stores from Virginia to New Hampshire have them.