Aldi Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Crispy Chocolate Treats

It takes imagination for a chocolatier to look at a potato chip like Pringles and think "Huh. We could do something like this." And that's exactly what the folks at Choceur appear to have done with their Belgian Chocolate Waves. These Aldi chocolates are exactly as advertised — waves made with thin chocolate which, if you look hard enough, bears more than a passing resemblance to the iconic potato chip. There are have been other Choceur chocolate products, including peanut butter cups, coconut almonds, and chocolate covered nuts, which got rave reviews over at Kitchn, so the appearance of these moreish treats shouldn't really come as much of a surprise.

One fan thinks the sweet treat is equally as delicious as its savory doppelgänger, saying: "Just like Pringles...once you pop, you can't stop. When my mum makes her signature chocolate mousse, she puts these on the top (standing up) so guests can dip them in the mousse and it tastes amazing. They look like biscuits but they're chocolate. And they're super addictive." Another gave the treat five stars and offered up this review: "These are delicious. There are a few flavors and I have not found a bad one yet. They come in a large pack, in a tray to prevent breakage. Great to share (if you are feeling generous!) and a nice chocolate, not cheap tasting. I would recommend these to all. Buy a few packets for the Christmas table — you won't regret it!" (via Home Tester Club).

Foodies are fans of Aldi's chocolate products

Aldi's chocolates aren't just getting two thumbs up from fans at home, professional foodies are giving Aldi's line of premium chocolates, which are marketed under the Moser Roth brand, a second look. While the tasters at Food and Wine say the line's milk chocolates might be a bit too sweet, they also say that Aldi's Moser Roth milk chocolates are pretty close to the garden-variety milk chocolates found in supermarkets across Europe. What did get rave reviews were Moser Roth's 70 percent dark chocolates (Choceur's Belgian Chocolate Waves come in a dark version, too), which were seen to be superior to their American counterparts.

So if you want to pick up a few boxes of Chocolate Waves and serve them with chocolate mousse, you're in for a rich, chocolatey, pick-me-up, dessert version of chips and dip. It's chocolate; it's the holidays; why ever not?