People Are Furious About This Classic Hershey's Holiday Commercial. Here's Why

If there's one thing that can bring us all together this holiday season, it's the fact that 2020 has sucked and needs to end. Unfortunately, we may have gotten a little too used to complaining about the year and its many changes, to the point where even the smallest things risk really upsetting Twitter. Case in point: the classic Hershey's kisses Christmas Bells commercial, which has been running for the past 30 years, got an update this year, and some people were more than a little upset (via Delish).

The original commercial features a choir of Kisses playing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" as bells, and ends with one wiping its "brow" with its tag (officially called a "Niggly Wiggly") and letting out a "whew" (via Did You Know Stuff). However, this year's version cuts the song off when a young girl reaches for a kiss to press into a cookie (via YouTube). The scene then cuts to a shot of the little girl and her father baking Peanut Butter Blossoms while "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" continues in the background, performed by horns instead of bells. It's an adorable scene, and full of Christmas spirit, but some fans of the original commercial are disappointed that the ad they'd long associated with the start of the holiday season was being changed after 30 years.

What fans are saying are saying about the new Hershey's advertisement

Fans were quick to voice their disappointment at the new advertisement on Twitter, one writing, "Hershey's redid their Kisses Christmas commercial that interrupts halfway through. I feel holiday rage," (via Twitter). Another even blamed 2020 itself, writing: "@Hersheys redid my favorite Christmas commercial of ALL time. Have loved this commercial and have looked forward to it for over 30 years!!!!! Why change it now??? Just won't be the holiday's without hearing that last Hershey's kiss let out a big "whew" at the end! Damn u 2020" (via Twitter).

However, there's really no need to be so upset, because this new commercial isn't completely replacing the original featuring those iconic Kisses. In a statement to Today, a Hershey's representative said: "For viewers who love our original — don't worry, we'll be running both holiday ads this season. Keep your eyes peeled for our classic and iconic Bells spot as well as the newest 'Bells to Blossoms" (via Today).