Can You Actually Blend Food Without A Blender?

Where would we be without modern technology? It's difficult to imagine that the appliances, both small and large, we have in our kitchen haven't been around since the Stone Age. But they haven't. One appliance that we take for granted that can help us make super thick smoothies and perfectly smooth and creamy soup is the blender. It can make the tasks of pureeing and blending much easier, saving us time and producing wonderful consistencies. But, how did people blend things before the advent of the blender? It might surprise you to learn that there are other, seemingly less sophisticated culinary implements that can collectively help us do the same job that a blender can do. However, temper your expectations because while these tools are up to the task, it will not be nearly as quick as using a blender.

According to Recipe Tip, to blend is to combine ingredients until they "lose their individual characteristics." Per Lifestyle Hitlist, no blender, no problem. What you need to on hand to slice, mince, shred, and mash so you can blend is probably already in your kitchen drawers and cabinets. A box grater can get you started and help you accomplish various slices. The grater has several different sized holes that, along with a little elbow grease, can help you grate really fine or coarse depending on your needs. You can also use a Mandoline to do your slicing and julienning, and a peeler can also help to create super-thin slices.

Non-blender items you can use to blend foods

You can also use a meat mallet or rolling pin to accomplish smashing and mashing before you cook. Find your mesh strainers to help you separate the bigger pieces from the smaller ones and then throw it in a pot or on a baking sheet to cook so these pieces can soften up. Next, you get to break out your garlic press or potato masher. Either tool will help you mash these cooked pieces until you have a smooth texture. 

Other tools you can use to help accomplish blending include the mortar and pestle which you may be familiar with when you make guacamole or your favorite pesto. Prime Shop Kitchen notes that the mortar and pestle are great when you are making a puree. And Lifestyle Hitlist reminds us not to forget about our pastry blender and simple knives, which are both essential when cutting ingredients to make dough for yummy bread. And clearly, you can always bust out the electric mixer if your arms are tired or you can even use your coffee grinder.