The One Recipe Guy Fieri Wishes We All Forgot

It's getting kind of difficult to hate on Guy Fieri, isn't it? In 2020, it's become increasingly clear that behind the celebrity chef's loud shirts, frosted tips, and affinity for unfortunately-named cuisine of the "donkey sauce" variety is actually a well-meaning champion of the suffering restaurant industry who has quietly raised $21.5 million for restaurant workers who are feeling the financial effects of the pandemic. 

Still, while it's clear that there's an untold truth about Fieri and his flame-patterned bowling shirt hides a huge, well-meaning heart, it's true that the man has a very particular image – and, based on  Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and some of his own restaurant fare, it's not always an undeserved one. Fieri's Flavortown is comprised of big, bold, and boisterous flavors, and as is only natural when you're painting with such a huge brush, there has been plenty of splatters. As such, many of Fieri's less fortunate recipes have raised eyebrows over the years. Let's take a look at what's arguably his most ill-advised recipe.  

Guy Fieri's s'mores pizza was a spicy surprise in all the wrong ways

Sure, Fieri's doing good in the world, but not necessarily to its taste buds. Sure, he's the go-to guy for barbeque tips and whatnot, but he has also accumulated a significant array of awful recipes that include things like Philly cheesesteak egg rolls, Italian (sorry, Guy-talian) nachos, and a dubious drink known as the Electric ice Cocktail. However, all of that can be chalked up to the rustic carnival stylings anyone who has watched an episode of "Triple D" can expect. Where things go really strange is when Fieri attempts a weird pizza topping to end all weird pizza toppings: 's'mores

Dessert pizzas are very much a thing, but as Serious Eats notes, Guy Fieri's spin on the recipe – which was sold as a freezer pizza at Sam's Club – was something of a travesty. According to user reviews, the pizza committed multiple food sins, but the biggest one was the fact that it was incredibly spicy and peppery, for mysterious reasons that weren't really explained on the ingredients list. According to Sam's Club customer Jadebox, the throat-searing effect was akin to a practical joke. "You remember those ads in the back of comic books for pepper-flavored gum you could give out as a practical joke?" they wrote. "I think this is "Guy Fieri's version of that. This stuff is really, really, really, wish I could rate it less than one star, bad." Oof.