What Hell's Kitchen Winner Ariel Contreras-Fox Is Doing Now

Chef Ariel Contreras-Fox, a culinary wizard, won over the judges in Season 18 of Hell's Kitchen. According to Reality TV Revisited, Contreras-Fox previously competed in the sixth season of the show, where she managed to snag the third spot, before displaying incredible growth and reappearing in Season 18 where she was crowned the winner.

This chef was talented and knew how to make the most of her skills — learning from her mistakes and evolving as a chef to emerge victorious. As per Gold Derby, Contreras-Fox was 35 years old when she won in 2019. After all, age is just a number, huh?

After her stint on Hell's Kitchen, the chef decided to not work as an executive chef at Hell's Kitchen, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and ended up doing something else instead. Read on for the full low-down on her life after her appearance on the show and what she's up to now.

Chef Ariel Contreras-Fox has many goals

According to Reality TV Revisited, Ariel Contreras-Fox accepted a job offer at the New York-based Mexican eatery, Dos Caminos. According to the restaurant's official website, the chef has worked hard on making sure that she focuses on bringing diversity and authenticity to the restaurant and its vision. She's also a big fan of the sustainable food movement and ensures that she always uses fresh ingredients in her dishes. 

Furthermore, the chef remains passionate about the culinary arts and is also active on Instagram, where she often shares snippets from her life, food-related and otherwise. She's also quite vocal about Hell's Kitchen and recently put up a post on Instagram about the show's next season and wrote, "It's almost time to pass the torch!!! Less than a month away from an all new season of Hell's Kitchen, and the new teams are looking fierce!!! I can't wait." Much respect.