You've Been Storing Your Aldi Cheese Wrong This Whole Time

One of the big perks of shopping at Aldi is saving money. From groceries to household essentials, you can find almost everything on your list at a discount, including cheese. Cheddar, American, Swiss — you name it; Aldi's got it. However, to make your purchase from the popular grocer worth the savings, it's important to store your cheese correctly so it doesn't go bad. After all, if you just end up tossing it in the trash after a few days, any amount you saved from buying it at a cheaper price will just be wasted as well. 

Unfortunately, according to the blog Aldi Reviewer, the retailer recently changed its cheese packaging for the worse. What used to be a resealable plastic bag is now a tray that claims to be resealable but that the blog says is anything but effective. Luckily, there's a workaround. To prevent your cheese from going to waste, people on Reddit have shared their trusty hack for keeping Aldi cheese fresher for longer.

Don't leave your Aldi cheese in the original packaging

According to Aldi shoppers on Reddit, the new plastic packaging that the discount retailer sells its sliced cheese in is "absolute garbage." A few people add that they've lost many a slice to the impossible-to-reseal packs — which is why they've come up with a better solution. The trick to avoiding stale or moldy sliced cheese from Aldi is to take all of the cheese out of the packaging as soon as you open it and transfer the slices to a plastic bag that you can tightly seal. (Many people complain that the Aldi plastic packs end up letting air inside, which dries out the cheese.)

If you're worried about your cheese absorbing any plastic odors from a regular food storage bag (or if you're particularly sensitive to the smell), some Reddit users recommend opting for a reusable silicone bag instead. Not only will you be keeping your cheese fresh sans that icky plastic scent but you'll also be reducing waste. Win-win!