Lay's New Flamin' Hot Kettle Chips Are Turning Heads

We wouldn't have Flamin' Hot Cheetos if it wasn't for an entrepreneurial hero. According to Delish, Richard Montañez, a janitor who worked on an assembly line created the snack when he brought home a bag of cheetos and sprinkled them with chili powder. Montañez knew he had a hit on his hands, showed off the idea to Frito-Lay company executives and the rest is history. Fast forward to present day America, and the flavor has spawned the new Lay's Flamin' Hot Limon kettle chips — a hit that has social media ablaze.

Instagrammer candyhunter recently posted a picture of a bag of Lay's Kettle Cooked Flamin' Hot Limon chips with the caption, "New Lay's Kettle Cooked Flamin' Hot Limón chips are out now! I found these at Hy-Vee." The post has since accumulated over 3,500 likes and has raked in a ton of positive comments, including gems like "No freakin way?!? Omg," and "These are bomb."

If you love the idea of a Flamin' Hot kettle chip, but don't love the limon spin, don't worry. Lay's has a Flamin' Hot chip for everyone. According to Delish, Lay's introduced the original Flamin' Hot flavor of kettle chips earlier in February 2020 and the new limon flavor, just cements this snack as one of our new favorites.

Lay's Flamin' Hot chips are the perfect snack for any occasion

According to Wide Open Eats, the Flamin' Hot chips made their debut in 2020 alongside cheddar jalapeno chips and sea salt and vinegar poppables marketed towards Superbowl fans. While we didn't get to enjoy the chips with too many sports over the course of 2020, we did get to welcome these chips in as a mainstay snack that helped us get through the quarantine. According to Lay's, the classic Flamin' Hot kettle chip contains the same fiery, cheesy flavor you would expect in the Cheetos original. 

When you can't get enough Flamin' Hot flavor in your life, don't feel like you have to settle for the tried-and-true classic. With the new limon spin on Lay's latest creation, you can send your taste buds on a journey that guarantees to make you a believer. Keep your eyes peeled for this latest product next time you make a grocery run. With any luck, it'll hit our areas soon and we can all enjoy a new snack to brighten up the new year.