The Snoop Dogg Burger King Training Video You Never Knew Existed

Let's say your job is to produce training videos for new Burger King employees. Your boss gives you a simple order: "Whatever you do, don't make it boring! These new hires need to pay attention." What do you do? These newbies need to learn about the brand-new hot dogs at Burger King, so you go out and hire Snoop Dogg to give them the "straight dope" on the grilled dogs. Per The Free Dictionary, that's "the absolute, unadulterated truth" — what did you think "straight dope" meant? Even when talking about buns and relish, the iconic rapper from Long Beach, California is definitely not boring.

The video, which you can watch on YouTube, is stamped "internal use only," but was leaked to TMZ a couple weeks ahead of the grilled dogs' launch in February 2016. Burger King said it released the training video to the public due to "popular demand" (via Daily Mail).

Watching the 79-second video, it's hard to say what practical dog-making skills new employees learn. The video is mostly an opportunity to hear Snoop's wordplay and his riffs on various ingredients. The buns are "all fluffy and whatnot." Relish "ain't nothing but chopped-up pickles."

"We're grilling this dog my way," Snoop says. "Bikinis, martinis, zucchinis — yeah you know the rest." Take notes. This will be on the test later.

Even Snoop Dogg couldn't save Burger King's grilled dog

Burger King's hot dogs ended up being a major flop, maybe because you couldn't order martinis or zucchinis on the side. Snoop Dogg told trainees in the video that the dogs would be "grilled to perfection," but that didn't turn out to always be the case. Twitter users took to the platform to complain that their dogs were burnt. By summer 2017, one Reddit user noticed that the grilled dog had been discontinued. Most people responding in that Reddit thread weren't sad to see the hot dog go. "They could never get them right," one person commented. 

Even Snoop Dogg, more known these days for his appearances in ads than his hip-hop (via Film Daily), couldn't rescue the BK grilled dog with his role in the fast-food chain's training video. That same video actually included a bit more star power that not everyone noticed. A few commenters on YouTube and Reddit users on an Armchair Expert thread recognized one of the Burger King employees in the video as actor Monica Padman.

Snoop Dogg, who rose to fame as a rapper in the early 1990s, remains busy to this day. Just in the past year or so, Snoop has appeared in commercials for Dunkin', Tostitos (with Martha Stewart), The General car insurance, Corona, SodaStream, and the online food-ordering service Just Eat.