This Is Who Ina Garten Would Invite To Her Dream Dinner Party

When it comes to throwing a dinner party, no one knows how to do it more effortlessly than Ina Garten. Dinner parties can be intimidating to those who do not hold them as often as the Barefoot Contessa does, which is likely why so many of her fans turn to her for advice. 

In fact, according to an interview she did with Food & Wine, Garten said, "I think the most important thing at a dinner party is that the host is having fun. If they are wise enough to make a meal that can do without having a meltdown, I think that's really impressive." Though it might sound challenging, Garten's tips and advice on entertaining can go a long way for achieving a fun evening with a graceful host — even if things don't totally go to plan.

While Garten's fans have watched her whip up many drinks, recipes, and set more than a few tables for dinner guests, you might have wondered just who was coming for dinner all of those times. Of course, you know her husband Jeffrey will be among them, but as far as her other guests go, we may never know. What Garten has revealed, however, is her list of dream dinner party guests.

Ina Garten would ask these celebrities to join her for dinner

In a 2017 interview with Time, Garten was asked which eight celebrities throughout present time or history she would invite to a dinner party. Garten responded, "I only do dinner parties for six, so can I do six? Let's see ... I'll have an all-girls dinner party, how 'bout that?" On her female-friendly guest list she said she would want to invite, "Julia Child, Mrs. Obama, Taylor Swift, me," and added an exception to the women-only concept saying, "I have to invite my husband Jeffrey, right?" With that she finished off her list by adding, "and my best friend, Barbara Liberman. We'll have a really good time."

It's likely safe to say most major fans of Garten would want a seat at that table, too. But better yet for Garten, most of those who would receive invitations would likely accept a real dinner party invitation should they receive one. Although Garten can't bring Julia Child back, fans could likely see the others on the list taking a place at one of Garten's dinner tables set in the garden someday down the road if they haven't already. For now, you'll have to hope this gathering will actually take place one day.