American Costco Shoppers Are Jealous Of These Sushi Trays From Korea

We know not all Costcos are the same. You are more likely to find sushi, for example, in some U.S. Costcos compared to others, as one Reddit thread discussed. But nothing at American Costcos compares to the sushi someone picked up at a Costco in Korea. A photo of the spread of raw fish and sushi rolls, posted on Reddit, triggered a wave of jealous responses.

A Reddit user from the American Midwest used that exact word in their comment. "Jealous," Compy222 wrote. "Closest we get here in the states is typically fresh steamed shrimp." Reddit user youshouldpray responded, "Costcos in the U.S. deserve better."

Costco routinely makes room for sushi and poke in its warehouse stores in Hawaii and on the West Coast, but their selection cannot compare to what Korean Costcos offer if that one Reddit photo is any indication. "That looks better than most sushi restaurants in the U.S. unfortunately," Reddit user webtwopointno commented.

If you can find sushi at a U.S. Costco, it might be worth a try. A blogger named Nai Wang reviewed the Costco-made sushi he found at his local store in Arizona. Other than some minor complaints about dry rice and too much wasabi added to the rolls, Wang said Costco's sushi was darn good and priced right.

Still, there must be better places in Korea to get sushi besides Costco

The photo of good-looking sushi from a Korean Costco, posted on Reddit, begs the question: If you are in Korea, are you going to go to a Costco to get sushi? After all, Koreans take their sushi just as seriously as the Japanese do, and Japan is the birthplace of the rice-and-raw-fish dish (via Chowhound). Some sushi lovers go so far as to say they like Korean sushi better than Japanese (via Vice). So aren't there better places in Korea to get sushi?

Consider Vancouver, British Columbia. Sushi places are as common as Starbucks locations in Vancouver, with more than 600 such restaurants in the metro area (via Vogue). Tourists and Vancouver locals alike go out of their way to dine at the best sushi spots on this long list. One of the commenters on the Reddit post about sushi at the Korean Costco said they got sushi at a Costco in Vancouver because they were "lazy."

"There are probably 20 really good sushi takeouts within a mile of the place, maybe more," they commented. "I will not repeat my mistake, it was absolutely terrible."

Then again, maybe judging the quality of Costco sushi misses the point. Costco does not have sushi for sushi lovers. The warehouse chains stocks sushi for Costco lovers. As another commenter under the Reddit post put it, "Gotta find a Costco that sells what you love the most, then move nearby. Recipe for happy life."