Everything You Need To Know About Peeps Cereal

Peeps fans have been missing their favorite animal-shaped marshmallow candies over the past few holidays, due to production changes at the Peeps factory that were intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Peeps made it to Easter 2020, but Halloween-, Christmas-, and Valentine's Day-themed Peeps have been absent (via Delish).

Finally, peeps who like Peeps are starting to get some good news. For one thing, Delish recently confirmed that, as planned, those famous pastel-colored marshmallows are hitting stores ahead of this coming Easter. Not only that, but Instagrammers with an eye for sweet cereals have started spotting Peeps cereal on store shelves, too.

This is the third winter in a row Peeps' makers at Just Born are collaborating with Kellogg's to give us Peeps cereal in the run-up to Easter. Last year, they changed the formula to give us colorful, animal-shaped marshmallows alongside the marshmallow-flavored, O-shaped cereal. In 2019, the marshmallows in Peeps cereal were shapeless little white bits that YouTube food reviewers found disappointing.

Pictures of the cereal appearing on Instagram this year indicate the box's design and the cereal itself are pretty much the same as last year.

Reviewers: If you like marshmallow cereal, you'll love Peeps cereal

In his 2020 review, a YouTuber who goes by Cereal Snob stuck his nose deep into the Peeps cereal box, like he was testing a wine's bouquet. "This definitely smells like marshmallows," he said. No surprises there. Cereal Snob said Peeps cereal tastes most like an obscure version of Froot Loops called Birthday Cake, which only suggests that he spends way too much time eating cereal. "The flavor of this cereal is absolutely just sweet, and sweet is it," he said, "but it does taste a little bit like marshmallows." While the marshmallow flavor is there, the sticks-to-your-mouth marshmallow texture is not, Cereal Snob said. Overall, Peeps cereal is "meh" and forgetful, in his opinion. The milk at the bottom of the bowl was a win, though.

On Instagram, reviewer @beskarbites found the flavor of Peeps cereal to be a little weak, but it did taste like marshmallows, so Peeps fans shouldn't be too disappointed. He gave the cereal a seven out of 10. "You'll enjoy these too if you're a marshmallow cereal lover," @beskarbites said, most definitely nailing the description of Peeps cereal's target audience.