The Untold Truth Of Klondike Ice Cream

The original Klondike bar was a square slice of vanilla ice cream dipped in a pan of melted milk chocolate, according to Klondike's parent company Unilever. Today, Klondike bars come in 15 varieties, including a Reese's and an Oreo Bar, as well as "smart" options with no added sugar. Klondike also makes milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, cones, and its famous Choco Taco.

As of 2021, Klondike introduced its donuts, which are basically everything you love about Klondike but in the shape of a square donut. Complete with a hole in the middle, and featuring donut-themed ice-cream flavors, including Boston Cream and the incomparable "Wake Me Up Coffee," which is flavored with 100% Arabica Columbian Coffee, the donuts promise to make breakfast great again

But what is it about Klondike that has Americans so obsessed? Apart from the fact that Klondike bars are almost impossible not to like, it turns out Klondike also keeps a very important company value in mind every time it creates a new sweet treat.

It all comes down to an impeccable sense of humor

Klondike is known for its sense of humor, according to its About Us page. Of course, as Carrie Fisher's When Harry Met Sally character famously pointed out, everybody thinks they have a sense of humor, but this isn't always the case. Klondike can rightfully call themselves funny, as the company has actually brought on the laughs starting as far back as 1982, which was when it launched its iconic slogan, "What would you do for a Klondike bar" (via Unilever). 

Thanks to that ad campaign, not only did Klondike bars start appearing everywhere, but Americans across the country began doing really weird stuff just to get their hands on a Klondike bar. And when we say "hands," we mean that literally, since Klondike bars are famous for, and proud of the fact that their ice cream bars never have sticks (via Twitter).

Brand humor is good, so is Klondike's sister company Good Humor

As Klondike's website reads, "We love laughter so freakin' much, our ethos boils down to this belief: humor is no joke." If you're not laughing yet, consider that in 1993, Klondike became a sister company to Good Humor (via Unilever). Of course, Klondike would rather you just stick with their stick-less ice cream bars since "it's weird for a grown man to chase down an ice cream truck," as they tweeted in 2014. 

And here's another untold truth about Klondike: it claims it can guess which Klondike bar you like "with 99.997 percent accuracy" just by asking you a few questions. Try it and see. Just whatever you do, try not to judge Klondike by its square sandwiches and chocolatey tacos alone and know that the company has a lot more than ice cream behind its little wrapped bars.