People Have Mixed Feelings About This Egg-Cracking TikTok Hack

While some people go on TikTok for the dance trends, others use the video-sharing platform as a place to learn life hacks that will save you time, energy, or money. Did you know you can separate an egg with your fingers by using a piece of bread to get a good grip? Another TikTok kitchen hack shows you how to level up your McDonald's meals. And if you ever wondered how you might eat a lollipop with a COVID-19 face mask on, TikTok once again has you covered (via TikTok).

Some TikTok hacks are more useful than others. For people who have trouble cracking eggs without breaking the yolk or getting eggshell in their scramble, then a recent viral TikTok hack might be for them. Or maybe they just need more practice cracking eggs.

TikTok user @maddysumnerx demonstrates the egg-cracking hack on a video she posted a week ago. She cracks an egg simply by dropping it into a frying pan and then pulling it apart. The yolk is intact, and the shell stays together in two halves.

Some TikTok users remain skeptical about the egg-cracking hack

Maddy, like most of the rest of us, can only aspire to be TikTok famous. She's not there yet. But her egg-cracking hack is getting a lot of play on TikTok, having been viewed more than 800,000 times so far. Some of the video's commenters were impressed. "I am eggstatic," one of them quipped. Another commenter said, "OMG definitely gonna try that one then show my kids" (only proving that some TikTok users are old enough to have children). Other commenters were less than impressed. "Or, you just do it like a normal person," someone said. Maddy replied by saying that would be boring.

The guys who run the life-hack testing TikTok @partyshirt proved three separate times that Maddy's egg-breaking hack actually works. While it might work, it might not be practical. One commenter on Maddy's TikTok challenged her to "do more than one in a pan with oil." Reviewing Maddy's account one more time we can say that so far, challenge ... not accepted. If anyone has lingering doubts about the egg-drop egg-crack hack, then you can always heed the words of yet another commenter: "What's wrong with cracking the egg on the side of the pan?" (via