The Pioneer Woman's Family Is Nervous About This Wedding Speech

There is a special bond that exists among people who have a younger sister with absolutely no filter. If this is you, you may have seen Alex Drummond — daughter of The Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond — hanging around at club meetings. Alex is Ree Drummond's eldest child, and set to marry her sweetheart, Mauricio Scott, in May of this year (via The Pioneer Woman). But ask the blushing bride about what's giving her cold feet, and the answer is not her upcoming nuptials.

"My speech is gonna be hilarious," Paige Drummond, Alex's younger sister and maid of honor, said in a recent Instagram Live. "I can't wait!" According to a blog post on The Pioneer Woman website, Paige noted that other members of the family have expressed a few pre-wedding jitters in response to her toasting big sis Alex in newly wedded bliss. "Everyone's so nervous because a lot of people say that I have no filter [...] I don't really see that," Paige explained.

Mom's not too worried; she has other wedding things to take care of

And what was mom's take? "Jesus, take the wheel," The Pioneer Woman quipped. But despite Paige Drummond's possibly embarrassing speech, her mom is much more concerned with the details surrounding the wedding. Even after the opening of her new store last year, it's all wedding bells for Ree Drummond. 

The bride's mother couldn't contain her excitement in her most recent blog post. With the wedding venue sorted (it's at the Drummond family ranch), the gown picked out (no spoilers, but Drummond posted about it here), and the band tuning their instruments, there's only one thing left to do.

"I invited the entire cast from Cobra Kai," says The Pioneer Woman (jokingly?), "but I haven't heard back from them yet." Whether or not any karate kids actually made the guest list remains to be seen, but it's no secret that the celebrity chef is a huge fan of the show. And if the gang from the dojo does show up to celebrate, chances are that between them, the cowboys, the Drummonds' five kids and seven one will be too focused on Paige's speech anyway.