Chick-Fil-A Fans Are Ridiculing This Rival Chicken Restaurant's Sign

If there is one thing Chick-fil-A is known for, besides delicious chicken sandwiches, tasty waffle fries, and seasonal shakes, it's having really, really loyal fans. Sure, the chain has inspired its fair share of controversy, but through it all, Chick-fil-A devotees won't hear a word against their favorite fast food restaurant. While some of the other major chains have been known to throw a little shade from time to time on Twitter, woe betide the smaller competitor who dares take on these chicken champs.

Case in point: Lindy's, a tiny (7-restaurant) Tallahassee-based chain. When one Lindy's location dared to diss its far more successful neighbor, Redditors were having none of it. One Chick-fil-A fan posted a pic of the disrespectful sign, and others jumped on board to trash Lindy's in return. The sign's shameful message read: "Best Chicken Sandwich Even On Sunday" as well as adding an extra blurb not necessarily referencing their rival: "The Best Looking Cooks Around."

Lindy's challenge to their rivals sparked nothing but scorn

While that last claim had one Reddit commenter saying, "I needa see these cooks," another claimed, "There's no way they can look better than the CFA cooks." Most Redditors, however, objected to the "even on Sunday" barb. One called it "serious shade," but added "CFA is above all that pettiness though," while another agreed "True. CFA knows their value so they don't have to join in." Still another said "Imagine owning a business and the best way of promoting your business is by saying you're open one day more than the leading competitor," while a Redditor unafraid to speak their mind said "F*** Lindy and her chicken."

What's interesting is just how close Lindy's is to its rival. The original poster commented on their own thread, "Meanwhile everyone was eating at the Chick-fil-A next door," and it turned out they spoke the truth, at least in regards to the location. Another Floridian identified the sign's location as "North Monroe Street in Tally!" The original poster confirmed this as well, and Google Maps shows that there's a Chick-fil-A located just 259 feet away. (To walk from one establishment to another, they estimate, should take approximately one minute). 

Still, no matter how loyal Chick-fil-A fans may be six days of the week, the fact remains that for all you Tallahassee lads and lassies, on Sundays you'll need to get your chicken sandwiches at Lindy's or stay home and make them yourself. Or maybe just go to Popeye's.