Aldi Shoppers Can't Believe These Low-Price Avocados

Aldi is one of our favorite supermarkets for oh so many reasons. The frozen foods, the desserts, the winkable, drinkable wine, and the special buys are always worth checking out. One area in which Aldi typically struggles a bit, however, is with produce. Their selection is limited, partly just as a byproduct of the fact that Aldis are much smaller than are Krogers, H-E-Bs, and other major grocery chains. Still, though, when you need a cherimoya, you need a cherimoya, right? Even if that does mean you've got to schlep across town to Whole Foods. The real issue with Aldi's produce, however, is the fact that it's often a tad past its peak.

Still, there's one thing that's more important than even produce quality, and that's low, low prices. How many times have you wanted to indulge a craving, especially one for something healthy like fruits or veggies, only to abandon it when you looked at the price tag? A budget's a budget, after all. When there's a sale, though, that's like a sign from the universe to fill your face and your fridge, and that's exactly the reaction that Aldi fans on Reddit are having to the news that avocados have been temporarily marked down to an unbelievable 29 cents!

Aldi shoppers are pumped for this deal on avocados

Avocados are a great source of fiber and protein, and they're also pretty tasty, too. The biggest problem with them is that they often tend to be fairly pricey. For comparison's sake, the lowest-priced avocado currently offered by a Safeway in Oakland, CA costs $2.50 (via Safeway). If you wanted to make, for example, this copycat Chipotle guacamole recipe, you'd be shelling out $5 for avocados alone! If you shopped at an Aldi offering this 29 cent deal, though, you'd be looking at less than 60 cents' worth of avocados.

Redditors, needless to say, are pretty amped about Aldi's affordable avocados. One, obviously a millennial, remarked, "Finally, now we can afford our toast and a mortgage!" Another admitted, "At this price I'd be someone out of a math problem...If radenthefridge only has so much room in their car and avocados only cost 29 cents..." Still another said, "I'm deathly allergic and still excited about that price," though later admitting that their doctor said it was more an aversion than an allergy. They're hoping to outgrow the averse reaction soon, though — preferably while avocados are still on sale.

Not everyone's willing to take a risk on an unripe Aldi avocado, though

A few Redditors, however, felt that even 29 cents was too much to pay for an Aldi avocado. One admitted it was a "good price," but declared "I refuse to buy more Aldi avocado. They are always super hard and after blinking once they have gone bad." Another agreed, "They are rock hard for DAYS and then I finally give in and just cut into one and it's rotten."

Not everyone had this experience, however. One shopper said, "I get great avocados from my Aldi," while another offered: "I had that problem last year when all they had was Peru avocados. I learned after that [...] to only buy Hass from Mexico. Haven't had a bad avocado since, and I buy at least 5 a week from Aldi." 

Ripening tips were also suggested, including "Try [ putting them on] the top of your fridge. I don't know what it is about that place in my kitchen, maybe warm and good air flow? Everytime I need to ripen anything fruit related it does so, to perfection!" and "put [the avocado] into a Ziploc bag with a ripe banana. If you do this at breakfast time, the avocado is oftentimes ready for its ultimate destiny of becoming delicious guac by dinner." For 29 cents a pop, these tips might be worth a try. What have you got to lose but pocket change?