If You've Ever Wanted To Drive A Giant Hot Dog Or Peanut, Now's Your Chance

Kraft Heinz has opened applications for Peanutters, the spokespeople for Planters Peanuts. In the job description, they list duties: driving the NUTmobile around, pitching to various media outlets to increase the brand's profile, and operating social media accounts. To be considered, you must have completed your bachelors degree, must have a valid driver's license, and desire to drive around the country for a year in a peanut-shaped vehicle. Fluency in both English and Spanish will boost your chances. The deadline for applications is February 19 at 11:59 pm.

The gig, according to a promotional handout for the job, begins with schooling at Peanut Prep, which teaches newly accepted Peanutters everything they need to know about the brand and how to host nut-centric events. Then, off you go. "This opportunity is everything it's cracked up to be," one former employee is quoted saying. "People love Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile wherever we go."

Graduates of this program, the handout notes, use the marketing and sales experiences gained during the year to transition into jobs with PR and marketing agencies, with apparently one working with the Chicago Cubs.

The Wienermobile was hiring, too

Kraft Heinz was also hiring for the now-iconic Wienermobile, with the same responsibilities and qualifications listed in their job description as with the NUTmobile. As with Planters, the job as an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger consists of driving around in a food-shaped vehicle, hosting events, and pumping put related social media. Elite Daily reported the deadline for the positions was January 31, but considering the fact that the job portal is still open, it may be worth throwing an application that way anyway. Even if you're intrigued, rather than job-hunting, the Oscar Mayer website lets you follow the travels of the Wienermobiles, and even request a visit from this icon of American marketing.

Still, this does not mean we cannot benefit from the work of the graduates chosen. As Emily Klein, senior associate brand manager at Oscar Mayer, told Meat & Poultry, "The longstanding mission of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has always been to spread smiles." Such a reaction is regaled by Talia Avakian in Travel & Leisure: "I had heard about the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in my younger years, and although I had never seen it as a child, I instantly felt like a kid again when I recently had a chance to take a ride in the historic vehicle."