What It Takes To Become The Driver Of An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Most people have seen the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. You might think a Wienermobile among the millions of vehicles traveling American roadways would be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. But that's not a good analogy because, for one thing, there are six Wienermobiles, not just one. And they're not needles, they're huge cars shaped like hot dogs. They're pretty hard to miss. And they're not hiding, either. They want you to find them, in supermarket parking lots, festivals, and Memorial Day barbecues.

But have you ever wondered who's behind the wheel of those 27-foot-longs on a bun? Have you ever asked yourself, "Do I have what it takes to be a Wienermobile driver?" First of all, you should know the proper term for the position is "hotdogger." We're going to tell you everything you need to know about what it takes to be a hotdogger.

For starters, the pool of potential applicants is narrow. Oscar Mayer's job posting says you must be a graduating college senior. The job's for one year only, and it's a paid gig with benefits. Oscar Mayer is mostly looking for people who are getting a degree in public relations, communications, or marketing, although you'll be considered no matter what your major. You'll need coordinate events, reach out to the media in the next town, and post punny stuff on social media: "We were happy to meat all the good people in Birmingham. Looking forward to a bun-derful time in Baton Rouge."

Wanted: good drivers who look good in a hot dog costume

The hotdogger position has another very important requirement. You need to be a good driver. Everyone thinks they're a good driver, but you actually need to be good at driving. The Wienermobile has been involved in a few fender-benders over the years, and at least one frankfurt-bender due to low clearance (via Two Lane America). You'll need to know the rules of the road, too, or else you'll go viral like the hotdogger who was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy last winter in Wisconsin (via CNN).

Don't worry, they're not going to toss you the keys on your first day and say, "See you next year." First, you'll attend two weeks of training at Hot Dog High, where they'll teach you how to drive that big rig (via Delish). That's probably where they hand out the Oscar Mayer apparel. Be aware, you'll need to feel at ease wearing a hot dog costume. Another quality you'll need: the ability to stand out in a crowd. Thousands will apply for the job of hotdogger. Only 12 will be hired.

Are you willing to be a brand ambassador and a mini-celebrity? Do you enjoy the open road, visiting new places, and meeting people? Do you know how to remove ketchup and mustard stains? Then hotdogger might be the job for you.