This Zesty Burger King Secret Menu Item Recreates A Seasonal Favorite

Why is it that just when we find a delicious creation we love, restaurants tease us by axing it from the regular menu, making us wait for a rare and brief revival? Such is the case with Burger King's Rodeo Burger, a tasty upgrade on an ordinary burger that replaces the usual toppings with zingy barbecue sauce and fried onion rings.

Brand Eating reports that the Rodeo Burger first appeared on the Burger King menu in the late '90s, and resurfaced a decade later on their value menu. Burger King has other discontinued menu items, too, that occasionally make a comeback. Their popular Cini Minis (bite-sized, frosted cinnamon rolls) made a surprise reappearance on the menu a few years ago that, according to Food & Wine, was the result of a nostalgia-fueled petition drive from die-hard fans.

If you're craving a Rodeo Burger, you may luck out in finding one at certain regional Burger King franchises. However, if it's nowhere to be found on the regular menu, fear not. There's a way to sneakily get yourself this zesty burger using a "secret menu" hack.

Here's what you should ask for to get the Rodeo Burger

If you're not familiar with secret menus, Delish describes them as "A list of foods that you can make at certain restaurants and fast food chains but that are not listed as options on-menu." This can be as complicated as memorizing mysterious, secret lingo. (Like asking for a "mermaid Frappuccino" at Starbucks.) Or, it can be as simple as asking for a little twist on a standard menu item.

To get your Burger King Rodeo Burger, here's what the folks at Secret Menus suggest: Order a regular burger (or cheeseburger) and ask for onion rings and barbecue sauce in place of the standard ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

Some of you may remember the shockingly huge Rodeo Stacker King, which Thrillist says included two cheeseburgers, loads of onion rings, bacon, barbecue sauce, and the mayonnaise-y "Stacker Sauce." If you want this behemoth but don't see it on the menu, just order Burger King's Double Stacker King and ask that onion rings and barbecue sauce be added on.

Though Delish warns that being a secret menu devotee will ultimately result in harried servers turning against you, in the grand scheme of things an occasional treat of an onion ring and barbecue-topped burger is fairly harmless!