Discontinued Burger King Menu Items We Wish Would Make A Comeback

In the grand scheme of human history, Burger King has been around for less than a blip. According to Britannica, this joint was only created back in 1954. However, despite the fact that Burger King is relatively new, it has seen a stack of products come and go. Some of these items have been absolute trainwrecks. For example, the UK division apologized for making Brussels sprout Whoppers that not everyone liked the idea of before asking its doubters to buy one. But on the other hand, this restaurant has also created some intriguing feeds that deserve to be menued again.

So, if you're a Burger King top dog reading this article, then it's time whip out a notebook because we're about to reflect on your shelved meals that should get another red-hot go. You may not be able to grab these menu items now, but we can all hope that they will come back in the future. If you'd be able to bring all back of the following items, that would be 100 percent grand.

Burger King's Frozen Classic Lemonade was a summery vibe

A cold glass of lemonade is a quintessential hot weather item. It, therefore, makes sense that Foodbeast publicized Burger King's version during the summer of 2012. It was called the Frozen Lemonade, and this drink apparently had a sweet yet sour flavor. They additionally released a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade for good measure.

A bunch of folks on Twitter seemed to take to this beverage. One user declared that Burger King's Frozen Lemonades were better than MacDonald's. Another said, "When the Burger King lady tells you that they stopped frozen lemonade because summers over." This text was followed by a single thumbs down emoji.

This drink sounds like a holiday resort on a tropical island, so it should at least be brought back for the summertime. But if we're honest, it should be a permanent item on the menu. That's right — sometimes you even need a frozen glass on a cold winter night.

Burger King's ribs could be surprisingly competent

Burger King is called Burger King, not Rib King. But even though this is the case, AOL stated that this restaurant's limited-time pork ribs were going to be exhausted before their 2010 promotion had ended. This article then went onto say that they sold 10 million ribs. And if a company sells that many dishes, one would potentially hope that they're decent.

But were they? Did Burger King create a delicious snack, or did they displease their customers? Well, a reviewer at Brand Eating thought that they tasted great. They said that these ribs "were actually nicely charred with a nice, smokey flavor, without tasting burnt. The meat was pretty tender and pretty much fell off the bone." Nevertheless, Brand Eating did have a couple of criticisms that they levied at their batch. They thought that it was too salty, and others said it was too expensive. If Burger King ever wants to remake these meals, they should take this critique on the chin.

Since making this item, Burger King has released a number of rib-based products. In 2013, CNN said that they had made a Rib Sandwich. And in 2015, Burger King released a four-pack of chicken ribs in South Africa.

Burger King's King Boxes were a royal deal

A good discount can taste absolutely scrumptious. The flavor of your food can swirl with the euphoria of the deal to make your meal seem ten times better. In 2018, Burger King released a combo that had the markings of such an experience. It was called the King Box. This pack consisted of an entrée, small fries, a small soft drink, and two cookies. Patrons could choose either a Whopper sandwich, one of two chicken sandwiches, or chicken tenders as their entrée.

If this markdown doesn't sound like a good-enough deal for your tastes, then you should know that Burger King teamed up with Postmates to offer it cheaper. That's right, in February of 2019, you could get the King Box for $3 through the Postmates app. Sure, if you're weren't a member of Postmates Unlimited, then you'd have to pay a delivery fee. But these two companies were still offering a downright steal. Both the in-store bargain plus this exclusive ought to be brought back from the void, and stat.

Burger King's Cini Minis deserve to be menued

Cinnamon can be delicious, icing can be delicious, and baked goods can be delicious. Ergo, Burger King's Cini Minis should be a jolly good time. According to Elite Daily, this product was a treasured dessert from the '90s that got limited run back in 2018. This site also seemed pretty gutted that these treats were being withdrawn. The article reads, "Personally, I'm still deciding between grabbing all the Cini Minis I can carry or creating a special Cini Mini storage area in my freezer, because #priorities." Elite Daily then encouraged its readership to plan out how they would save enough Cini Minis for their upcoming absence.

However, not everything from the '90s holds up now. Have you ever tried rewatching Space Jam? Fortunately, for the Cini Minis, Canton Rep's 2018 staff writing team thought that they were a delight. Jessica Holbrook commented, "The miniature cinnamon rolls are just as tasty as I remember, with plenty of cinnamon and a relatively light, chewy dough." Alison Matas additionally stated that they don't even need to be frosted to taste nice. Dan Kane then rounded out this piece by remarking, "If you're craving an indulgent sweet treat in the morning, the Cini Minis give good value."

Burger King's French Toast Sandwich was a next-level breakfast

Have you ever craved a piece of bacon or sausage or ham on between two pieces of French toast? Well then, if that's the case, a 2019 Food & Wine article may just bring on the munchies. In May of that year, Burger King launched a line of limited-time French Toast Sandwiches. Each of them featured this sweetened bread, one of the aforementioned fillings, American cheese, and an egg.

The site Brand Eating gave the sausage version of this a go and enjoyed it. They said, "The French toast was eggy and lightly sweet with a soft texture. There was good coverage to the batter that went all the way to the edges." The author of this piece also thought that the cheese, sausage, and egg made for good sandwich fodder. So, if this meal sounds like your cup of tea, then you should invent a time machine to go back to 2019. Or, you know, dream the dish gets a rerun — whatever floats your boat.

We should grab all of Burger King's scrapped shakes

The year was 2017, and MassLive had reviewed two Burger King milkshakes. One was Lucky Charms flavored, while the other tasted like Froot Loops. Yup, Burger King actually made these, and MassLive enjoyed drinking both of them. They said that the Lucky Charms version tasted similar to the cereal and even contained grains of the breakfast food. If that doesn't evoke nostalgia, what will? MassLive went onto declare, "The key, though, is the way both the marshmallow and the cereal mix with the ice cream to make the whole milkshake taste wonderful." They then stated that the Froot Loops wasn't as delicious but was still pretty good overall.

These novelty shakes aren't alone in the King's back catalog. In 2015, they released a Red Velvet Oreo Shake that an enthusiastic Facebook commenter called "very delicious." And back in the festive season of 2012, they debuted a Gingerbread Cookie Shake. Under a Facebook post for this product, several users wrote in about how much they liked the gingerbread shake, and we can't blame them.

If you were to assume that we've now covered every lost Burger King milkshake, you'd be wrong. Folks, there's an entire article's worth of them. It's almost stunning how many of these treats have been dropped in the torrents of history.

Burger King's Maple Waffle Sandwiches were a treat

Burger King's French Toast Sandwiches weren't the only sweet yet savory item that they released in 2019. Several months after they launched that breakfast item, Chew Boom said that the company was debuting three Maple Waffle Sandwiches. There was a sausage one, a bacon one, and a ham one. Each of these items additionally contained an egg and American cheese. If this description reminds you of their above-described French Toast, then welcome to the observation lounge. Yup, both of these products share a lot of the same DNA.

But even though Burger King's waffle sandwiches and French Toast are shamelessly similar, both breakfast items should definitely be back on the menu. The first reason being that these maple treats seem to have a similar level of quality to their bready counterpart. On Instagram, paducahfoodieguide reviewed the sausage edition and gave this meal a nice, glowing endorsement. They said, "I really enjoyed the sausage with the sweet maple waffle ... All the flavors combined really well." And while this critic thought that the sandwich was overcooked and had a woefully small egg, it still got an eight out of ten.

There's also another reason why the King should maybe remarket both types of novelty sandwiches. On some mornings, you might awake craving waffles, while other days, you could need your French Toast. If this joint announced these two creations, then your daybreak whims might be sated.

Burger King's Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries look delish

There are simply some days where you might not feel like classic fast food potatoes. And in those moments, a packet of Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries could come in handy. Fortunately, Burger King made such a product. But unfortunately, it was a limited-time 2012 item.

Serious Eats reviewed this snack before it was terminated, and they were surprised at how good these curls could be. "They're liberally dusted with what the chain calls 'maple seasoning,' which provides a noticeable grit and a severe shot of sugar," noted the publication. They also said that if you ate this product while it was at its absolute hottest, then you might be in for a treat. This critic wrapped by asserting that these sweet potatoes were able to hold their own next the joint's everyday fries. We might even go so far as to say they were better — if you love a touch of sweetness, of course.

If Burger King doesn't resuscitate this product, then every other joint should put them on their menu. We shouldn't pin our culinary dreams on just a single chain.

Burger King's Bacon Sundae was a salty-sweet experience

Ah, here's another savory, sugary menu item. But unlike the previous two dishes, this one isn't a breakfast option. Well, it could be if you lived fast and loose. In 2012, HuffPost reported that Burger King had produced a Bacon Sundae. This dessert was made up of soft serve, fudge, caramel, and bacon pieces. HuffPost then reviewed Burger King's creation and gave it some noteworthy compliments. They said, "The saltiness of the bacon was a nice contrast to the sweetness from the rest of the ingredients. I also really liked that the bacon added a crunchy element to the smooth soft-serve."

Another reviewer on GrubGrade was likewise impressed with this now-unavailable snack. They wrote, "All in all, the BK Bacon Sundae was everything that I had hoped it would be, and nothing that I had feared: the bacon stayed crispy throughout, and its smokiness and saltiness powered through even when there was a lot of chocolate and caramel on the spoon." This taste-tester additionally asserted that they'd buy this product again.  

Burger King's Poutine à la Burger could be brought stateside

Poutine is a Canadian treasure. It binds fries, cheese curds, and gravy into a singular, distinctive bit of comfort food. According to Cost Finder Canada, this item can even be found on Burger King Canada's menus.

But we're not here to discuss the King's run-of-the-mill poutine. We're here to discuss a spin-off they made. In 2014, they issued a press release about a new item called Poutine à la Burger. This dish melded the Canadian classic with beef, pickles, mustard, and ketchup. So it was basically a Whopper that married poutine. This Burger King product was therefore more than just a French-ish sounding name.

The Poutine à la Burger looks like a wild ride. It's prime Burger King malarkey with a Canadian twist. Even if every single bite of this dish was terrible, eating one could become a chucklesome meme with your mates. The North American division of this company should thusly consider making the Poutine à la Burger available across the whole entire continent. And while they're at it, they should think about launching the original around the world too. You don't have to be Canadian to love poutine!

Burger King's Sun-Grilled Whopper sounds lit

According to Think Marketing Magazine, Kuwait is super hot. So hot, in fact, that it can get up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This place can become so scorching that Burger King decided to cook there without their flame grills. The chain instead utilized the sun's heat to barbecue its patties. Well, they didn't just use the daylight. In a YouTube promo, a narrator says, "We built a solar machine that harnesses the power of sun's rays to create the ultimate flame-grilled experience." So basically, the sunshine warmed up the King's machine, and then this machine grilled up the food. These patties would be used in the restaurant's 2018 Sun-Grilled Whoppers.

Now look, it obvious that this item can't be served everywhere. After all, Burger King's ad explicitly states that it needs to be at least 122F for the patties to cook. But if you lived somewhere that ever gets this hot, it's possible that such a novelty meal would make the heat more bearable.

Burger King's Mac N' Cheetos were a powerful fusion

In June of 2016, The Verge said that Burger King had combined two iconic comfort foods into one fully fledged dish. It was called Mac N' Cheetos, and this meal consisted of deep-fried macaroni and cheese that was covered in Cheeto flavoring. Business Insider additionally stated that these sticks were a limited time product.

A ton of users on Twitter seemed to genuinely enjoy the Mac N' Cheetos combo. Kaylee Cook commented, "If you haven't tried Mac N Cheetos from Burger King you're missing out." And after they were discontinued, Jane Wells said, "Meantime. I miss the Mac N Cheetos. Only a promotional item!"

This item unites two culinary classics and was given a punny name, and therefore, people loved it. It possesses a bunch of unique qualities that not every fast food item can brag about. Ergo, Burger King should ponder bringing this back for its fans.

Burger King's Flamin' Hot Mac N' Cheetos could spice up your life

More than a year after Burger King's original Mac N' Cheetos dropped, The Street said that the chain was releasing another version of this already overly indulgent dish. These bites of deep-fried macaroni were called Flamin' Hot Mac N' Cheetos. And it's not hard to work out what they were covered with. But just in case you're not in the loop, here's the situation: they were coated in Flamin' Hot Cheetos dust.

But was this sequel any good? Well, a few Buzzfeed employees ordered a couple of five-packs and thoroughly enjoyed them. Farrah Penn rhetorically asked, "It was cheesy and it was flamin' hot. What more could you ask for?" Another reviewer named Crystal Ro was initially concerned that this feed would be too spicy for their palate, but they ended up enjoying its heat level. This fast food explorer even declared, "I could've eaten like a whole other box myself!"