Wawa Fans Need To Try This Toasted Ravioli Hack

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit a Wawa location knows the magic that happens inside these convenience stores. From its amazing coffee to the downright delicious morsels it sells, Wawa is a top-tier snack store. That's probably why it recently opened its very own sit-down restaurant and its first drive-thru. But those who don't have access to these new versions of the store can still likely get one of the best new bites to hit the menu in a long time.

According to Reddit, Wawa's toasted ravioli are back. A customer service associate for Wawa even confirmed it on another Reddit thread writing, "Yep toasted raviolis, it's a new snack item." But those who remember the original round of toasted ravioli on the Wawa menu are having a hard time accepting the good news.

One person wrote, "Very important question: when did we get the Toasted Ravioli back? Because I don't think I have seen them in nearly 10 years. Definitely squealed in joy at the register today." Another said, "Omg I remember stopping to get their toasted raviolis on my way home from school everyday! I was so disappointed when they were discontinued, and I had to find a different afternoon snack. I graduated 11 years ago sooo they've been gone for quite some time lol. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to get some for old time's sake!" Clearly, you need to get your hands on these as soon as you can. However, they might only be available at some locations.

This is how people are eating them

Of course, there is a Wawa trick to making the ravioli the absolute best it can be. One Reddit thread showed the new toasted ravioli in front of the microwave with Wawa's meatball sauce. You can heat the ravioli up (and the sauce, too, as a matter of fact) in the microwave at your Wawa location if they are not as warm as you'd like for them to be. While the meatball sauce is the real winner here, another commenter on Reddit said, "Works great with the 50 cent marinara sauce, too!"

As one person on the Reddit thread pointed out, you only get five ravioli per pack, which is a bummer. But since these are so good, you'll probably just want to go ahead and buy a couple of packs or maybe even three or four to share. However many you end up with, there's one thing that's for sure: Not a single one of the ravioli will go to waste when they're as good as these are. So, stop by your Wawa today to give this snack a try.