Here's Where Adam Richman's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies Come From

If you asked a professional baker or chef what the best chocolate chip cookie they've ever had was, we're willing to bet the answer wouldn't come in a store-bought box. We're also willing to bet that said chef would then go on a lengthy rant about whether or not to use flour or bread flour, whether or not you should melt the butter, or whether or not you should mix dry ingredients separately from the wet ... you get the idea.

But, we aren't all professional cookie connoisseurs. Let's be real, most people grab a box of ready-to-eat cookies on their weekly shopping trip instead of building up a dough from scratch. According to a Statista report, nearly 245 million Americans snacked on a box or sleeve of (not so) fresh cookies in 2020. And just one of those unashamed junk food lovers was none other than TV personality (and proud fan of boxed cookies) Adam Richman.

Richman entertained fans for years as the host of Man v. Food, which introduced average snackers to the world of competitive eating. Richman has since lessened his legendary reign on the competitive eating world, and has even sported a substantial weight loss in his few years off of the small screen. The one thing he won't ever give up, though? Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies (via Twitter).

Richman's go-to chocolate chip cookie isn't fresh from a bakery, but it's still delicious

Yes, Entenmann's cookies. You know the ones — the classic blue-and-white box you might find on your local grocery store's end cap, next to the nostalgic chocolate doughnut holes you ate as a kid. Believe it or not, of all the tasty foods Richman has enjoyed over the years, these boxed goods are his top fave.

Richman is set to explore the Entenmann's factory in the premiere episode of the History Channel's Modern Marvels revival, which is slated to debut on Sunday, February 21 at 10 p.m. ET (via History Channel).

According to, Richman isn't the only celebrity to swear by Entenmann's, either. Frank Sinatra used to be a regular at the now-closed Long Island bakery, and Yogi Berra called the brand's chocolate chip cookie his personal favorite, too. The site explains that it was typical for rich people to plate a box of Entenmann's baked goods and pretend they whipped them up from scratch. People believed it, too — that's how you know they're good.

And if you're a make-it-from-scratch kind of cook, then we've got you covered, too: You can skip the pre-packaged step and make up a batch of these soft-baked cookies at home with this Entenmann's-inspired recipe from Serious Eats.