Guy Fieri's Bacon Rule You Should Never Break

The rule of three is prevalent in pretty much everything we do. If you aren't familiar with it, give it a Google. We are pretty sure you will see a pattern: the Greek fates, the holy trinity, The Three Little Pigs, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. And don't forget, there is the rule of three for survival (via Backcountry Chronicles) and the rule of three when a celebrity — actor, musician, comedian, or athlete — dies (via Observer). It's difficult to dispute that there is something truly magical about this number.

Even in the world of cooking, three is perfection: three courses, three-ingredient recipes, Gordon Ramsay's three-finger rule. Now, we can add Guy Fieri to the trio rule. In what way does Fieri embrace this rule of threes? We thought you would never ask. Fieri is all about the rule of three when it comes to bacon. It is almost impossible not to pay attention to anything related to bacon. This salty, crunchy meat is like human catnip. And when someone wants to offer you a rule that will take the guessing out of a process, especially if it is a celebrity chef like Fieri, with all of his food savoir-faire, we are pretty sure you won't want to pass it up.

Guy Fieri thinks you need this much bacon per person

When it comes to this savory meat, Guy Fieri says you should aim to cook three pieces of bacon per person but then triple that. He calls it "Guy Math" in his Instagram post, but we just call it common sense, and we know what you are thinking. Nine pieces of bacon per person sounds like a lot for most people, but then there are always those outliers. You know the ones. It's those individuals who will sit over a plate of bacon and devour every last crispy strip. So, we are assuming that Fieri is taking social decorum into consideration here, because nine pieces of bacon is a more than fair amount of the favored fatty pork, in our opinion.

And while we love bacon just as much as the next person, we also follow the rule of "eat bacon responsibly whenever is humanly possible." That said, we concede it is not always humanly possible to resist the tempting smell of freshly fried bacon. Verywell Fit shares that three strips of bacon have 161 calories and 12 grams of fat, so, plan your eating accordingly and enjoy your three to nine pieces of bacon Guy-style.

Guy Fieri thinks the more bacon, the better

This isn't the first time Guy Fieri has promoted the belief that you can never have too much bacon. Fieri's fondness for salted cured pork has been well-documented over the years. Remember the burger made up entirely of bacon that he sampled at Dr. Field Good's Kitchen in Santa Fe, New Mexico on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? If not, Fieri described noshing down on the all-bacon burger: "This is what everybody wants a BLT to be like. You're getting the volume of a burger, the flavor of the bacon," (via YouTube).

This burger that becomes the focal point of Fieri's visit to Dr. Field Good's Kitchen is nine ounces of pure ground applewood smoked bacon sandwiched between a homemade potato bread bun. Yep, you read that right. Nine ounces made up of only bacon. We would be remiss if we did not point out that the weight of this patty certainly follows the rule of three tripled. We aren't sure if it's pure heaven or if we will die and go to heaven after eating it, but hey, if Fieri is willing to take his chances, believe him. Fieri praises this bacon burger calling it "flavorful" and "crispy on the outside and tender on the inside." Fieri even claims that this is a BLT to another level. Definitely sounds like it. Our mouths are watering just thinking about how it must smell as it cooks.

Guy Fieri believes in bacon-wrapping everything

Guy Fieri's rule of three is one to live by, but we also think that he has formulated another rule that he may not have formally articulated and it's this: Food wrapped in bacon tastes better. Need proof? Fieri has shared many dishes that look like something straight from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives — also known as "Triple D," and again, we can't help but point out his show's name follows the rule of three. 

In summer 2020, Fieri shared a recipe for his bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Of course, Fieri had a catchy moniker for this creation as well as an explanation as to why these dogs are so awesome. Per Maxim, Fieri explained, "Bacon-wrapped hot dogs with spicy relish — or as my buddy Reid calls them, 'Tijuana Danger Dogs' like the ones they sell at food carts in Tijuana." Fieri went on to share, "For some reason, they just taste incredible at 2 a.m. on the streets in Tijuana." These definitely sound like just the right type of food to eat after a night out.

But that's not the only proof point that everything tastes better wrapped in bacon. Fieri's bacon-wrapped prawns definitely remind us of this (via Food Network), as does the Triple D episode that showcases the bacon-wrapped meatloaf at Jo's Diner in San Diego, California (via Facebook). Fieri has led us to conclude bacon really does make everything better, in triplicate or otherwise. It's no surprise then that Guy Fieri was asked to emcee the first-ever Baconfest in Lathrop, California in 2006 (via Recordnet).