Every Mistake Ludacris Makes In The New Luda Can't Cook Sneak Peek

Luda Can't Cook is the new television venture of multi-talented celebrity Ludacris on discovery+. TV Grapevine shares with us via Instagram that the show will be a one-hour episode by "record breaking producer Will Packer" (via Instagram). In an interview with ET, the famed rapper notes that he's always loved food but his culinary skills are lacking: "I can't lie – I have no idea what I'm doing in the kitchen" (via ET Online).

This isn't your average reality show about rich people or a comic farce. The mogul purposely takes himself out of his comfort zone to create authentic Indian cuisine (via Chicago Crusader). Ludacris explains that he wanted to do something people can relate to, and many men and women can't cook. He shares, "I didn't envision this; that's why it is so exciting." And while you may be watching him stumble around the kitchen for a bit, viewers are still rewarded at the end with a feast served up for his VIP audience – music mogul style.

You can follow the inexperienced cook one mistake at a time as chef Meherwan Irani guides him through common missteps in this February 25th debut (via People). As an appetizer, Luda gives viewers a taste of his ability as he handles (some would say mishandles) chicken breast in a sneak peek.

This show's cooking is simply ludicrous

We should begin by at least giving this newbie cook credit for knowing that chicken must be thoroughly cooked through to avoid salmonella – but you don't need to dice up that beautiful chicken breast into tiny pieces to achieve full-cooked perfection! Stop! No!

Chef Irani quickly realizes that the rapper's cooking skills are truly ludicrous, noting when he seasons his chicken breast, "So you weren't kidding when you said you like just throwing a bunch of spices together." Luckily Chef Irani is an absolute expert on Indian cuisine, boasting four James Beard Award nominations for Best Chef in the Southeast (via Chai Pani). Unfortunately, the chef has to correct Ludacris over and over again. Don't use the bottom of a pan as a lid because it will squeeze all the moisture out of the meat. Don't use a cake-spreading spatula to flip your seared food. 

We expect this list goes on as we haven't even gotten to the boiled potatoes yet, but to find out exactly what goes wrong – and right – you'll have to tune in yourselves. For better or worse tastebuds, this looks sure to be a show that will make you smile.