This Genius TikTok Plastic Bag Hack Is Perfect For Snacks

TikTok has blown our minds again with a smooth yet utterly simple hack to alter your plastic sandwich bag. Using a simple plastic zipper bag with a warmed butter knife, user HowDoesShe teases, "Bet you've never seen this #lifehack before." In her video, she lays the bag down, gives it a quick slice with her heated knife, and lifts up two new baggies — just like magic. The video hints that you could repeat this trick until you have enough treats for that class birthday or for meal prep. You only need to heat the butter knife for a few seconds (the user does this over a gas stove) and you get "more bang for your buck."

Why not just buy snack-sized bags you ask? Because clearly, you don't enjoy fun (kidding). Convenient in a pinch, we all run out of things we need at home before we can get back to the store. Not to mention, these baggies are perfect for portioning out snacks and other treats. Some users are having a lot of fun in the comments, but we'd like to caution that we're taking the clean and safe route with this article. If you do not have a gas stove, do not microwave your knife, and be extra careful when cutting the bags. Now on to testing.

Plastic bag hack or handy party trick?

Honestly, this TikTok trick is a little bit of both. Quite simply, the bag slice and seal is entertaining and useful, too. There's something satisfying about having that kind of sealing power at your fingertips without need fancy vacuum seal and packaging equipment. It's fun to watch and fun to do, which makes this hack is great for creating custom-sized snack bags. Testers at Kitchn tried this for themselves and were pleasantly surprised to find that it not only worked, but the process was as simple as it looks in the video. 

When sliced with heat, these single bags refuse themselves into usable snack bags and save a lot of time and effort that you might spend going to the store. The catch — and there's always a catch — is that the new bags aren't particularly waterproof. This is a dry goods-only situation as Kitchn found that the new seals had micro-holes that don't quite stand up to the soup or broth test. Really, you should save the liquids for heavy duty freezer bags or better yet, reusable containers so this is really a non-issue in our minds. 

Try it out yourself and get snacking!