This Viral TikTok Hack Will Change The Way You Make Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes happen to be one of the most comforting dishes in the world. It's perfect with a steak, turkey, or even a hearty serving of vegetables. As satisfying as this dish is, it's helpful to have a list of handy tips on you when it's time to prepare the creamiest and smoothest bowl of mashed potatoes for company, right? Anything that helps make the dish even more delicious is welcome.

Home chefs have plenty of useful tips to offer when it comes to preparing delicious mashed potatoes from scratch. For example, a Redditor pointed out that if you really want to do mashed potatoes right, you should perfect the amount of butter and cheese in your recipe. Chives are also a good add-on to the dish. Another Reddit commenter wrote, "Game changer: Boil the potatoes in milk instead of water. And yes, [add] all the butter." Interesting.

Joining the chorus of mashed potato hacks is one TikTok user, whose viral trick for the perfect mashed potatoes recently got over 97,000 views (via TikTok). The tip is super useful and definitely worth trying. Here's what you need to know.

This TikTok trick uses chicken stock to boil the potatoes

As reported by Buzzfeed, a TikTok user from Texas called Jourdyn "Jeaux" Parks was alerted to the fact that lots of people end up boiling potatoes with just regular water while prepping for mashed potatoes. This is a mistake, according to Parks, who proceeded to make a video and explain what she does to prepare the perfect bowl of mashed potatoes (via TikTok).

To begin with, Parks doesn't peel her potatoes and simply uses avocado oil on them instead. She adds potatoes halves into a pot that has — wait for it — water, sea salt, and chicken broth. Or beef stock. You choose.

Parks told Buzzfeed that she was aware that many home chefs use regular water but knew her trick makes things better and much more flavorful. She wondered out loud why people don't use more appealing options like chicken broth for the best flavors. She said, "I've tasted the difference [between plain water and broth-boiled potatoes], and honestly I can enjoy both. I definitely prefer them with broth — and prepare mine with broth." Curious to try this trick out yourself yet?