The Truth About Keya Wingfield From Spring Baking Championship, Season 7

The Spring Baking Championship seventh season is filled with a diverse mix of contestants with varied backgrounds, who are competing for top honors on the highly popular show. According to the Food Network, one of the contestants to look out for is Keya Wingfield, a pastry chef and entrepreneur. She's also a skilled multitasker that has worked as a food photographer, a baker, and a chef (via her website). Her background is also fairly eclectic.

Wingfield was raised in Mumbai, India, and moved to America around 15 years ago. She currently resides in Richmond, Va., and runs a dessert studio called Keya & Co Baking. She writes on her website, "I've always said, my roots are Indian but my training is Virginian. This unique situation has equipped me with a priceless perspective on food." She adds that this background helps her immensely while working with different clients, as she always thinks of strategies to appeal to different audiences.

Keya Wingfield is a hard worker

Wingfield calls food her "love language" and works hard to devote time to her passion. She also got candid on her website and wrote that 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. However, the chef is optimistic about 2021 and is full of plans. She's been keeping busy managing her dessert company, which offers customized dessert options to their customers. In addition, her bakery offers a variety of options including cakes and cake pops. Dessert tables and wedding cakes are also an option if you're looking for more variety.

She recently took to Instagram to write about the Spring Baking Championship and wrote, "It's one of the funnest experiences I've had...but what good is any competition without it's competitors and I am up against some of the best in the business." We can't wait to tune in and see how this talented baker does!