Adam Richman Reveals What Viewers Can Expect From The Modern Marvels Revival - Exclusive

When it comes to so many of the foods that we crave, we can tell you all the things we love about them — and in vivid detail too — but most of us would likely pause in our tracks when asked how those foods are actually made. Many of today's treats, from ice cream, to cookies, to even some of the cheeses you can find at your local supermarket, are essentially... modern marvels. And now the History Channel is looking to showcase just that with a food-focused revival of its fan favorite series, Modern Marvels. This time around, foodie and former Man v. Food host Adam Richman leads the way, taking viewers behind the scenes at farms and factories across the country.

You can catch the latest episode Sundays at 9 p.m. on the History Channel, or catch up on episodes streaming now on; but before you tune in, we've got the inside scoop on the series. Richman recently spoke with Mashed, and provided some exclusive insight into what viewers can expect from the Modern Marvels revival and what he learned about food while filming the show.

Get ready to be shocked and awed

Did you know that Americans eat 7 billion cookies a year? Or that 95 percent of American households buy cheese every week? You'll learn facts like these and more throughout the episodes of Modern Marvels. Catering to cravings that massive isn't even possible without some amazing innovation, and host Adam Richman would agree. He says the way our favorite foods are made is pretty mind-boggling, and viewers will get to see it up close. Get ready for "a whole bunch of jaw dropping, no way moments," on Modern Marvels, Richman says, adding "I, for one, was very inspired."

The show pulls back the curtain on exactly how many of the foods we love and eat are made, from raw ingredients to packaged products. For example, you'll get to see Richman try raw milk, and then watch it get turned into mozzarella. According to the History Channel, the show includes "archival footage, engaging expert interviews, and on-site visits," with Richman giving us a peek in on the action. Richman told Mashed that he was extremely excited to host a show like Modern Marvels that aims to educate while also entertaining, saying: "I like anything that gives people the keys to the kingdom, gives people knowledge that they otherwise wouldn't have, and a level of appreciation they otherwise wouldn't have, for the stuff around them."

Prepare to be pretty surprised

For Adam Richman, the biggest takeaway from Modern Marvels is the incredible effort that goes into mass producing the foods we love. He says it's the same appeal as the original version of the show, only edible. "With Modern Marvels... most people associate the franchise with high-end technology or the everyday brilliant technology that we often overlook... what's so cool for me is the amount of inspiration behind it [food innovation]." Richman told us, "whether it's fast food or whether it's snack food, there is a lot of hard work, a lot of ingenuity — a lot of technical ingenuity, that goes into these sort of everyday little wonders that we maybe don't appreciate, simply because we're not exposed to it." The host added, "and I think that we do a nice balance in Modern Marvels between the big brands and the little brands."

Something else Richman says he learned while making the show: it's not just what goes into food production that's inspiring, but what can come out of it as well, in ways that defy expectations. Take one highly influential product, Kraft American cheese. Richman explains, "sure, we've all done the processed American cheese slice, and we all had very fancy Brie and we've got very different opinions of both" — and only one of them is likely going on our next cheese board. "But food safety in America largely exists because of that processed cheese slice and Kraft's innovations with it."

You'll want to bring some snacks to watch Modern Marvels

You're not only likely to be inspired by the end of each episode of Modern Marvels, but you'll probably be reaching for some ice cream or craving a grilled cheese sandwich as well. Host Adam Richard says, "I think that people are going to leave Modern Marvels very hungry."

Prepare for shots like beautiful close ups of fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies, slowly drifting across the screen, and mountains of shredded cheese raining down from the sky... you get the idea. In a particularly tantalizing moment, Richman gets to sample some mozzarella — that he just finished crafting by hand alongside a pro, we should add — and it's so fresh and delicious, he looks like he's on the verge of tears. 

Whether it's for the insights and fun facts or the cookie dough eye candy, you're not going to want to miss Modern Marvels, on the History Channel Sundays at 9 p.m. or streaming on