How Does Giada De Laurentiis Stay In Shape?

The best solutions for a healthy and consistent routine are often the simplest! Preparing foods from fresh natural ingredients and finding a physical practice that you love is a great place to start. Giada De Laurentiis, an Italian American star chef on Food Network known for her heaping plates of pasta and glowing appearance, seems to know this first hand.

Women's Health got the scoop on how De Laurentiis manages to cram in working out, eating healthy, and success in her business. Keeping it simple, strict time management, and doing what you love are all keys to De Laurentiis' achievements (via Women's Health). De Laurentiis uses minimal equipment in her workouts, such as resistance bands and a mat, and will even use ordinary household items if need be. In the Lifestyle section of her website, De Laurentiis shares a dozen tips from Walk Your Butt Off that she uses to add an extra boost to her step, making every movement as effective as possible.

What does Giada include in her fitness routine?

In an interview with Health, Giada De Laurentiis explained that in the past decade her fitness routine has shifted from intense cardio and strength training to a regular yoga practice, paddle-boarding, and hiking. De Laurentiis told Shape that she makes sure to schedule yoga before her work day begins, which increases her overall energy and sense of calm. She likes to switch it up, too, telling Women's Health how she has found great benefit in adding a higher intensity activity like boxing to her routine. 

As well, with guidance from her chiropractor, De Laurentiis also recognizes the many benefits of foam rollers on posture, core, and breath, which she discussed on her website Giadzy. All of these activities incorporate a holistic approach to her overall regimen, and balance appears to be a common theme in De Laurentiis' philosophy about food and physical exercise. 

Parade shared De Laurentiis' message from a 2019 self-care summit, detailing how her routine combines stress reduction, yoga, and meditation to keep her feeling her best. The chef also told Delish how she eats mindfully, focusing on eating many small meals throughout the day, not just huge plates of pasta. 

It sure seems that a healthy dose of fresh food, mindful exercise, and passion are at the center of De Laurentiis' great shape!