Why Everyone Is Talking About Toucan Sam's New Look

Oh no, Kellogg's, say it isn't so! In a world with so little stability, there was always one thing generations of breakfast eaters could count on: Toucan Sam's cheery face, smiling out at us every morning from the Froot Loops box. Mr. Toucan (Mr. Sam?) has been with us since 1963, according to the Pratt Institute, and although he'd undergone a few minor tweaks over the past 57 years, he remained reassuringly familiar –- at least, until his recent radical makeover.

In a huge (albeit completely unasked for) change, Kellog's decided to implement some pretty drastic design changes in their Froot Loops packaging. They recently introduced a new spokesbird (who goes by the same name, but is most definitely not the same old Sam) on Instagram to widespread acclaim and great rejoicing... by absolutely nobody. 

Reactions weren't even mixed — the entire internet is giving it both thumbs down, with certain other fingers making other gestures in the general direction of Kellogg's corporate execs or whoever okayed the abomination that is Toucan Sam 2.0.

What everyone is saying about the new Toucan Sam

Delish describes the new toucan as "a psychedelic neon bird with a threatening aura [who] looks like a fever dream." Instagrammers, however, were more like... speechless. Most of the comments on Froot Loops' big reveal consist of simply repeating the hashtag #notmytoucan. 

While that hashtag pretty much speaks for itself, a similar tag, #notmytoucansam, leads to a gallery of fan art attempting to re-redesign the beloved bird so he looks less creepy. As one Instagram artist explains his inspiration: "I don't know what corporate f*** decided Toucan Sam needed a redesign, but someone needs to be fired for it. How sad is it random artists on the internet are making better designs than your billionaire a**** could, @kelloggsus @frootloops? Don't fix what doesn't need fixing. Here's my design. Now change it back."

We couldn't agree more. Mess with Tony the Tiger, if you must. Make over Dig'em Frog... please. Even give Snap!, Crackle!, and Pop! new hats if you really want to get wild. But for the love of fruity flavor, we're not following that new toucan's nose wherever it goes.